February 10, 2019

The book of Acts personally spoke to me about Jesus’ disciples who rise to live as their true identity in Christ!

Just imagine, not long after denying Jesus, Peter stood to represent His disciples and proclaimed God’s word, winning 3000 people.

Not only that, the disciples also demonstrated the power that Jesus had! They cast away sicknesses and death in others! They don’t even have any fear in facing the rulers to reveal the truth. Even angels released Peter who was imprisoned. All of this could happen because they live as their true self in Christ. As the result, situations, circumstances, people, and the heavenly beings respond to them differently.

From the book of Acts, I could see God’s working pattern to make us live as our true identity in Christ:

1. It starts with the strong work of Holy Spirit gripping them in the awareness of God’s presence and reality!

It started in the upper room at Jerusalem. When they believe in what God said, and persevere/actively pushed into His presence, Holy Spirit was poured out on them; the reality of His presence gripped their heart! Since then, they are connected to their true identity in Christ.

2. The presence of the spirit of wisdom and revelation working in them, revealing the truth of God’s word

The written word is suddenly made alive by the Holy Spirit. It made them, especially Peter, able to see their true identity clearly through what Holy Spirit revealed. And they didn’t find it hard to explain it, because they have become what God has spoken about them.

3. Devoting ourselves in the apostles’ teaching is the only way to see and connect to our identity in Christ

Just make sure we experience the strong work of the Spirit which builds our awareness of God’s reality! Make sure that we always read, study, and declare the written word! There is no other way!

This is the way that the first church members went through to connect to their true identity in Christ! They devoted themselves in the apostles’ teaching! This is also the way we must go through!

4. Perseverance is key

Personally, this meditation built a conclusion in my life. When we connect with an apostolic leader, faithfully build our inner man, and devote ourselves in the apostles’ teaching, it won’t be difficult for us to see and connect with our identity in Christ.

Now, what I must do is only to “persevere”/“devote myself” to do all of them. Because our problem lies in our perseverance. Without perseverance, we are like a fragile building, easily taken down by the enemy whenever it wants. However great God’s touch we’ve experienced won’t make us strong or mighty without being grounded in the revelation of His word! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus