February 11, 2020

Just as we have five physical senses to interact in the natural, in fact we also have five spiritual senses to be able to interact with God in the spiritual realm.


The five spiritual senses are:

1. The spiritual eyes

2. Knowing

3. Impression

4. Activation

5. Worship / Intimacy


1. Through the work of the Holy Spirit on the spiritual eyes of believers, we will be brought to be able to see things in the spirit


When the Holy Spirit takes us to see the things in the spirit, He often gives the spiritual vision in the form of a spiritual symbol. It needs the statement of the Spirit that is confirmed by the principles of the word and the attributes of God for us to interpret the vision we receive.


2. Knowing is a way of communication that the Father does to us


It is different when the Holy Spirit uses the function of conscience in giving a guidance – Conscience will speak and explain everything that the Father wants us to know; if the Father wants to use Knowing to speak, He will make us suddenly know in detail the things that He wants to communicate.


3. The impression will function like the nose in our physical body


For example, although the cake looks good, but our nose could smell the rotten from that cake. Likewise, when we interact with the various dimensions and dynamics of the spirit that exist in the spiritual realm, the impression will guard us from the various traps that Enemy sets for us.


4. Activation will function like a ‘Hand’ which has the ability to influence and impart what God has built in our spirit to simply be ‘transmitted’ to others we want


Prophetic prayer and the laying on of hands are usually used as a means of ‘transferring, activating’ what we ‘already’ have in our spirit, into others spiritual man.


5. The worship/ intimacy area is specially ‘created’ by God in our spirit and is intended for us to worship Him


We build our fellowship with God through the area of ​​Worship/ Intimacy; in this area we also receive various divine impartation that make our lives keep experiencing the progressivity, improvement and significant breakthrough.


Worship will help our affection to keep experiencing divine alignment until we can finally ‘feel and express our feelings’ like Jesus Himself (John 4: 23-24).


This is the most target area by the Enemy to be corrupted because the Enemy will always make our hearts to be turn from God to something else: Money, fame, personal pleasure, self, position, success and others. #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus