February 12, 2019

I believe that God is bringing His church to enter the ‘class of acceleration’. God is bringing her to catch up on her delay, conditioning the church to start living in His divinity and manifesting His glory. God will use His word and Spirit to bring the church to let go of everything natural, worldly, or even carnal, and start to move into His divinity.

God will bring all kinds of word revelation into the church, so every church leaders and members could use them to ‘open the door of His divinity’. What they have to do is simply to make every word they receive (about living in divine nature) as the material of their prayers.

‘Brand’ that word into our lives by imagining it in our mind, and start to pray in tongues. Pray in tongues fervently, audibly and with full expression. Do it until we receive an inspiration/impression in our hearts regarding the word we are praying about. After we receive the inspiration/impression, declare it! Keep doing this until we feel our heart stirred and blazing.

By doing this consistently, we are conditioning ourselves to stay under the power of the Spirit. It will grip our life and bring us to enter His divinity and glory (Heb 4:12; 2 Cor 4:7-14, 16-18; Rom 8:10-11).

However, some people ‘find it hard’ to be reshaped using the word. For them, they must be ‘conditioned’ and shaped by situations, circumstances, and people that God allowed.

Sometimes, God has to ‘engineer a special scenario’ for those who ‘find it hard’ to use the word to build and transform themselves. That’s why God could allow situations, circumstances or people to ‘bring fire’ and expose the natural things that still linger in the life of believers (including leaders). When they start to get exposed, the believer should respond by SPEAKING; declaring that they ‘throw away’ all the natural/human aspects that are being exposed.

The Bible clearly depicts what God is doing: He will act like refiner’s fire. The Refiner will keep heating up the fire until all the contaminant in the metal melts away or completely burned up.

Whenever there is a contaminant being exposed, the refiner will remove them. So, every time there is a humanity/worldliness being exposed in our life, quickly use our mouth to declare, remove, and throw away all of them from our lives. Then, start to declare for divine things to come and merge into our lives.

So, when we are greatly angry against someone, quickly realize that ‘the person’ is a ‘fire’ that is exposing the humanity that still lingers in us (in this case, uncontrolled emotions). Quickly use our mouth to speak, throwing away all the negative emotions.

If the human aspect that still lingers in our life is irritability (easily disturbed, offended, disappointed, holding grudge against others), and God starts to ‘send fire’ to expose it, quickly realize that God is bringing us into the class of acceleration! Quickly use our mouth to speak and remove that human aspect. Then, speak again to invite His divine nature into our lives.

More or less, this is the picture God gave me about what He is doing to us. We are like a cup filled with dirt, and God is flushing us with water until we are clean.

Keep doing what’s right. When we experience Spirit revelations that expose worldly/carnal things within us, ‘only repenting’ is not enough. We need concrete action of repentance, which is to do what’s right. All the mistakes we’ve ever did could only be fixed by starting to do what’s right!

The same goes for the ‘class of acceleration’ that the church must go through. God’s church must start walking in the right direction and do what’s right. She must condition herself to start interacting with God’s glory and divinity! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus