February 12, 2021

I figure not all believers understand how to ‘take’ the Word that the Father has prepared, so that many aspects in their lives have not been fully built on His Word. Yet that is what they need to stand strong and unshaken by all the challenges or storms of life.


John 1:12 (NET) But to all who have received Him, those who believe in His name He has given the right to become God’s children.


The word ‘received Him’ written in Greek word Lambanō, translated as: to take by hand, to grasp, to receive someone.


From the above understanding, we can draw conclusions: When a servant of God delivers God’s Word, or when the Holy Spirit imparted His Word to us personally, we have to actively respond by ‘taking’ it. Then let the Word speaks to us personally until it builds an unshakeable foundation in our lives.


To make it easier for us to ‘take’ and ‘keep’ the Word into our lives, the Holy Spirit taught me to divide all aspects of my life into seven parts:

1. True identity in Christ,


2. Family,


3. Health,


4. Financial or Economic,


5. God’s promises, progress and future goals:


 a. In work


 b. In ministry


6. Struggle or problems that we are facing, and


7. Past failures or falls that has been haunting us.


So every time I receive God’s promise, I can immediately place that promise into one area of my life. I have to use it as a ‘material’ to build the foundation of faith, and also as the ‘weapon of war’ to be victorious from every demonic attack in that specific area in my life.


I know that I can’t just write down those promises, but I have to build them as the foundation of my faith. My paradigms, perspectives and perceptions must be completely influenced and controlled by .the belief that is born through the work of the Spirit and the Word in my life.


Therefore, I have to diligently imagine what I believe can manifest in everyday life, and keep declaring it to influence and persuade my thoughts and emotions, until I can feel the flame of the Spirit in me.


When I can feel the flame of the Spirit within me and feel enthusiastic about the Word I received, it means the Word has been sealed within me, one of the signs that my subconscious has been changed in that area.


Our persistence in building every aspect of our lives on the Word will prepare us for the turmoils in the future; we will be unmovable and stand firmly in the midst of the storm. We will also be a catalyst for those who need to meet God. #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus