February 13, 2019

Being in long journey on a plane made me have a lot of chances to reflect my life’s journey/my ministry so far. There are some thoughts that I got:

1. It’s all because His grace

I Learned that to experience the work of God and enjoy the presence of His word and Spirit, it’s all a form of His sovereign power and grace. We were nothing before we’re taken and chosen by God’s Hand; and through various process of the work of Word & Spirit, God sets us to become His coworker in this world!

Receiving the trust to bring and share the Kingdom’s message is a grace in another measure, and now God actually uses it to build the Kingdom’s message becomes real in the lives of congregation/spiritual children. Wow, for me it’s a great honor and privilege that the King gives me.

So, let’s make sure, for us who have experienced the work of the word & Spirit, we keep learning to take responsibility with the measure of grace that He has entrusted into our lives. By ensuring the duplication of the work of the word & Spirit that is the same as what has happened in our lives to occur in the life of the congregation/ peoples who interact with us.

2. Keep bringing the molding of the word & Spirit in our ministry or daily lives

Holy Spirit brings me to reflect/ see various transformation & metamorphosis of the life that I have been experienced so far. From a shy teenager that offered himself to answer God’s calling in his life, until now God gives trust to cover/ father some servants of God with the congregations that they lead.

Holy Spirit brings me to recognize how the level of the new life that is higher, I begin to enter it every time I get revelation about my true identity in Christ. Every time the Holy Spirit ‘succeeded to convince me’ about my true identity In Christ, I learned that is the moment of Him positions me to receive new mandate from Him; The Spirit brings me to enter new phase of my life and ministry.

There are moments where the worldly spirits were working extra hard in my life, only for ensuring me to keep living/serving by following the pattern of this world. But I am very grateful with God’s faithfulness that never ‘give up’ on my life who sometimes is still ‘easily affected by persuasion’ of Evil. Through the word & His Spirit, He keeps ‘pressing’ my life so that many people could recognize the ‘fingerprints of God’s Hand’ in my daily life.

3. Keep the passion for His House and His people. Give ourselves to fulfill what is ‘still lacking’, which He wants to add for His House & people 

I remember how God began to give His grace in my life/my ministry : Started from the ‘feeling dissatisfied’ for what was happening over His House/ Peoples.

When I feel there is a need for God’s People or God’s House to always experience the manifestation of God’s presence – because all this time I felt how the Sunday Service has become very religious, dry & tasteless; It’s far from the reality of God’s presence – I started to pray, I asked God to touch His people & fill His House with His glory.

I found that the prayers that I raised started to change my own life. I began to feel God’s heart for His people & His House. During those times, Holy Spirit continues to reveal the Father’s heart & at the same time He fills my life with the life and His divine love. He prepares my existence before He delegates me to become the channel of His love and glory.

I found that the existence of God’s church/ Christ’s Body becomes no longer the same, God brings to enter the new chapter in His kingdom when BCC congregation was born.

There are so many things that I meditate on and all of them make me being grateful of His work in my life.

Psalms 25:12-14 (NKJV) Who is the man that fears the LORD? Him shall He teach in the way He chooses. He himself shall dwell in prosperity, And his descendants shall inherit the earth.  The secret of the LORD is with those who fear Him, And He will show them His covenant.


Ps. Steven Agustinus