February 13, 2021

John 1:12 (NKJV) But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name:


The word ‘received Him’, written in Greek: ‘lambanō’ which means to take with hands, to grasp, to receive someone.


There are several things that we need to pay attention to ‘receive the Word’:


1. An active spirit


The condition of a burning spirit or thirst for His Word is very important for us to receive the Word. Because it is a sign of life. If our spirits are extinguished, then the Word that the Father has released will never reach our spiritual men. On the contrary, if our spirits are blazing and burning, then wherever and whenever we can catch the Word.


Hence, it is important for us to discipline ourselves to build our spiritual men. Never let our spirits be extinguished. Pray in tongues with enthusiasm, worship in such a way, and declare the Word until our spirits stirred up! Do this diligently until you experience the fire of revival always burn every day.


2. The inclination of heart


Make sure we continue to love God and prioritize Him more than anything else. Do not let when we have been blessed, our hearts tend to change. Starting to not prioritize God, we become reluctant to worship, and the hours of personal prayer are reduced. It only indicates that our hearts are turning to this world or to Mammon.


In short, our spiritual frequency is not right. As a result, whatever God says we cannot accept because we are on a different frequency. We are in danger if we feel ‘safe’ in the presence of money, possessions, and other blessings. It’s a sign of a shift in the inclination of the heart. Because only His Word should make us safe. In Him alone our lives cannot be shaken. So, there is no other alternative, we must love God again and prioritize Him over anyone and anything.


3. A clean spirit


Even a little conflict and various bad thoughts towards others can no longer be compromised! Because it pollutes the heart and keeps us from grasping the Word that the Father has released. We can’t even understand at all. A defiled heart makes us unable to see God. So, we must immediately cleanse our hearts with divine love.


Just remember that God has forgiven us, it’s only natural for us to forgive others. Anyway, all obstacles must be completely removed. We must become doers of the Word, love God and others as the Father loves them.


A clean heart condition will enable us to see or understand the Word that the Father has released. Thus, we become doers of the Word! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus