February 16, 2020

This message is a continuation of yesterday’s message.


 7. He is the One who will always lead us to know the truth and guides us to walk in all truth – constantly enjoy the power of spiritual breakthrough (John 14: 16-18, 8:32) 


Ask the Holy Spirit to continue to blaze our hearts to love the truth and hungry-thirsty for His truth.  Everyone who is led by the Holy Spirit to ‘know’ the truth – in a dimension like a husband who ‘knows’ his wife through intercourse – will automatically experience freedom in aspects of life that are related to that truth. Recasting would happen on various worldly patterns inside that particular life aspect. There is a Spirit of breakthrough that works in this area of ​​life.


8. He is the one who enables us to always have hope, optimism or an overflowing or enthusiastic heart (John 14:26)


The Holy Spirit as our Comforter will always condition our emotions to be optimistic, enthusiastic, and full of hope.  When our emotions are moving into a negative direction, we must actively ask the Holy Spirit to immediately ‘comfort’ our hearts!  Being below the hood of grief or mourning too long (having negative emotions) is not good for the growth of our faith and spiritual life.


When we speak to the Holy Spirit, He will lead us to pray, to speak in tongues;  the flow of living water that is created through speaking in tongues will eliminate all sorrow, grief, disappointment, and various other negative emotions.


9. He is the one who will teach everything and encourage us to do the right thing (John 14:26, 1 John 2:27)


The Holy Spirit is an active and dynamic spirit;  if we continue to involve Him in our daily lives, we will find slowly but surely, all aspects of our lives will begin to represent His divinity.


Oftentimes in our daily lives, we let ourselves make mistakes, inaccuracies without planing to make improvements.  If the mistake involves others, many times we think that it is enough to apologize to them, then all matters or problems can be considered over. We never think that the mistakes we made, usually demand corrective action – the right thing to do as an effort to correct the mistakes we have made!  When we determined to always ‘do the right thing’, our lives will continue to be solutions or answers to many problems.


10. He is the one who will continuously remind and advise us to deal with daily lives event from the perspective of the mind of Christ (John 14:26, 1 Corinthians 2:16)


In living our daily lives, we often got trapped to judge or see life merely as ’right and wrong’ or ’black-and-white’. Therefore, it’s easy for us to judge someone – Most of the time, our judgment on someone will only make the person hurt more than before.


For example, when we pray for someone who is sick or in trouble, we emphasize the importance of faith for miracles.  After we pray and if it seems ‘nothing has happened’, we immediately make a conclusion that is because of the lack of faith in him/her, and the reason they have no faith is that they still like to curse and to grumble.


However, what we assumed is not necessarily true. The Holy Spirit will help us to have the mind of Christ related to the conditions we are facing while at the same time finding a solution.  The Spirit will also help us build a life routine and daily divine habits. So that our daily lives become more divine.  Our responses to various daily events will always be divine.  #I Love God


This message will still continue tomorrow.


 Ps.  Steven Agustinus