February 17, 2020

This message is a continuation of yesterday’s message.


11. He is the One who will always condition us to live our daily lives covered with joyfulness and peace that transcends all understanding (John 14:27, Romans 14:17)


When for some reason, we lose joy and peace in our hearts, don’t be panic!  Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what has become an ‘obstacle or clog’ to the flow of joy or peace in our hearts.  Usually, it is a wrong viewpoint or thought framework that is being used by the enemy.  By knowing the ‘source or root of the problem’, we can begin to counter it with His word!  Speak and imagine His words until we feel a surge of joy or peace in our hearts again.


12. He is the One who reveals ‘what is yet to come’


He is the one who reveals ‘what is yet to come’, written in the Greek word, ‘Erchomai‘.  It can be interpreted as (a) The ‘field’ of work or service to God (domain) that position us to be influential people for the kingdom of heaven;  (b) ‘Our portions to do’ that make God establish us before the world (John 16:13).


When believers keep listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and are determined to partner with Him to represent the reality of the Kingdom, the Father will position the believers to be influential, renowned and respected in certain domains He has assigned. All we have to do is continue to open our hearts to listen and obey!


13. He is the One who will condition us to set our lives towards the Father and the fulfillment of His plan (John 16:14, Hebrews 12: 2)


This world will always try to distract our eyes off the Father; it takes complete dependence to the Holy Spirit to always be able to have a life that is only focused on Him.  Don’t allow the spirits of the world – worries, fears and so on, to distract our hearts’ attitudes, eyes, and ears to lose focus on Him!


Whatever happens in our lives, keep holding on to the promise of His word that states that if the Father allows something to happen in our lives – events that we call blessings or problems, challenges or even disasters, that means He allows them to happen for the good of us. Even if in the current situation we’re facing messy facts, but stay believe that in the end, it will only bring good for us!


14. He is the One who reveals what the Father has provided for us, which we will be able to get and enjoy in the near future (John 16:15, 1 Corinthians 2:10)


Whatever we cannot ‘see or hear or taste’ in our hearts means that we will never enjoy it.  The Holy Spirit will reveal to us – bring us to see it, hear God give promises about it, bring us to feel enthusiasm when it is fulfilled in our lives.  Keep the enthusiasm that we feel in our spiritual man because that is what will enable us to enjoy the reality of the future in the present time.


15. He is the one who provides vocabulary, articulation, and terminology for every mind of Christ that comes to our lives (1 Corinthians 2:13)


All spiritual aspects that have been articulated will become easier to understand and become implanted in our lives.  Our lives become manifestations of the Word became a man (John 1: 12-14).  #ILoveGod


This message will continue again tomorrow.


 Ps.  Steven Agustinus