February 2, 2019

This morning, the Holy Spirit gave me an understanding that the reason He transformed our identity with the power of His word and Spirit so we could become ‘new wineskins’ who brought the reality of His divine love.

This world and evil spirits continue to form us to become selfish, greedy, obscene, love of money, love of the world and love of self so that the enemy can use us to spread hatred, stress, anger, self-pride, rebellion, etc in this world. Those people, who carry the ‘pattern of the world’ and spread that pattern to others, make the world darker. They have become the ‘tool for wickedness’, used by enemies to destroy the lives of many people and as a result, the world is getting darker because of them.

Through the transformation of the lives of believers, God has the means to pour out His love in their lives until the divine love overflows from their lives.

1. Our focus in building our true identity in Christ will make us the center of His abundance love and also His partner to channel the divine love to those who interact with us.

A cat never barks and a dog never meows, it’s not their nature. Just as believers who have experienced transformation through His word and Spirit; who live in their new identity in Christ; it is impossible for them to hold grudges and hatred towards others even though they are treated unfairly. Our new identity in Christ can only love, forgive and forget other’s mistakes! The Spirit will train us to always love, forgive and forget other’s mistakes.

For others, revenge is an act of showing their strength, but for believers who live in their new identity, forgiving and forgetting are the acts to show their true strength. To forgive and to forget is divine.

God’s desire is to use our lives, who have experienced transformation, to touch and fill other’s live with His love! Without His love, the world will be destroyed by the act of people who filled with hatred, revenge and rebellion.

2. Don’t let the enemy’s distraction ruin our divine pattern/ new identity in Christ, that God has built in us.

Enemies will use all kinds of ways to distract us, so that the divine pattern that God built in our lives will never be complete. Just like when we drive on the road, even though we are careful, but others may not do the same. However, that does not mean that we cancel our entire journey.

We just have to be extra careful. That’s what we have to do in this life! Continue to walk on this prophetic journey; focus on building our true identity in Christ. Even the enemy always tries to distract our attention in all kinds of ways; to fill our lives with hatred, obscenity, selfishness, etc.; but all we have to do is focus on the work of the word and the Spirit in our lives, while watching over the enemy’s efforts that try to take advantage of events, facts/situations that happen in our lives. Make sure we always respond to the things that happen in our lives accurately and wisely, so the enemy does not have any chance to ruin the divine pattern that God built in our lives.

Ask so that our lives is filled with His love and overflow from our lives. Make sure divine nature is formed in our lives.

Ps. Steven Agustinus