February 22, 2020

There are a number of things that I feel Holy Spirit has asked me to take seriously from this life:

1. The thirsty and hungry spirit of truth and the knowledge of God

This morning my imagination seemed to be activated by the work of the spirit so I started to see many images of the God’s miraculous deeds. Not only what I have read in the Bible but what can happen in daily live, very phenomenal things. And amazingly, God will use us specifically our mouths.

I saw in my imagination how we would move the nature with our mouths, create things that didn’t exist, and do things by just speaking it. So that the whole earth and its contents will bow and worship to the living God. The Kingdom of God will boast!

Therefore, God will continue to reveal Himself through the work of the Spirit and Word. The more I am thirsty of the truth and the knowledge of God, the more God will reveal Himself to me. That is the time that I will see Him and become more like Him (1 John 3:2).

2. Keep our mouths to always speak, declare and prophesy His Word.

It’s not a mere routine but a training that has a great purpose for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Not only to make us victorious today but to prepare us to be able to do a lot of miraculous and amazing things in the future.

For some reason Holy Spirit continues to emphasize on the area of speaking the Word. He said: Train earnestly. Do it until your spirit be fervent. Do it as often as possible, and practice it with all your heart, soul and strength. Because our mouths will play an important role later on! Whatever we say must happen. The impossible becomes possible. And nonexistent will exist!

3. Make sure your spirit always in a fervent state

Because the fervent spirit due to the work of the Spirit and Word is a signal that we are connecting with many kinds of Spirit dimensions (the knowledge of God) that had been entered by the heroes of faith in the generation before us.

That’s what Gideon did (Judges 6), apparently his conversation with the angel of God was not a flat one. But Gideon spoke with a fervent spirit hoping for God who had led Israel out of Egypt to also free Israel out of the hands of Midianites and Amalekites. He continued to talk with God about what He could do.

That’s what I must take as an example from Gideon. I want to keep speaking the Word and talking with God about what He can do. I have to do this every day. That’s what will make the intervention and the sovereignty of God manifest in daily life. This is also will make our capacity continuously enlarged, so God over nations will be manifested through our lives. His deeds are miraculous and great!!

The Spirit re-affirms: don’t let your spirit be quenched and flat!! Burn it up!!! Don’t neglect to do this!! My justice will last over My people. Those who are earnest automatically will enjoy the results, while those who are not will also get the consequences.



Ps. Steven Agustinus