February 22, 2021

This message is a continuation of yesterday’s message.


We are talking about the benefits and dangers of dopamine on our brains or bodies. This becomes very important because without us knowing it, in our spare time, we tend to do activities that activate dopamine


So, it can be concluded that dopamine is basically needed by the body, but if our brains or bodies receive too much dopamine, it is also not good, it tends to damage one’s body.


There are two ways that I know so that we can enjoy the working of dopamine in a ‘normal and common’ way, and on the other hand we become wise who continue to use or invest time by doing useful and positive things:


1. By exploring the hobbies that we have.


2. By exercising


Exploring hobbies conditions our souls or emotions to be relaxed and calm – tend to be happy. But it is not achieved in ways that can be counterproductive in our lives.


Likewise, doing sports activities. There is something we do first, there is an effort that may require ourselves first before we begin to be able to enjoy a satisfaction as a result of us achieving a certain achievement.


In other words, our actions in exploring hobbies and exercising at the same time become an act of doing dopamine detox.


We deliberately condition or discipline ourselves so that we don’t just ‘enjoy’ the release of dopamine. But we ‘like forcing’ our bodies or brains to keep busy and do something before ‘getting rewarded’, namely enjoying the working of dopamine which gives pleasure, happiness or satisfaction.


It is as if we are resetting the existence of the brain or certain other organs that have been used to enjoying the working of the dopamine which can be enjoyed “without any effort” at all. And often obtained through an action that is ‘futile’ and ‘counterproductive’ such as playing games, watching porn movies or just lingering in ‘surfing’ in cyberspace.


We re-discipline ourselves to start enjoying doing certain things that we have thought to be boring. Even learning to go back to enjoy the journey of a process that sometimes requires a certain sacrifice before giving rise to a result that causes the release of dopamine.


Exploring hobbies and exercising will provide the benefits as follow:


– Cultivating aspects of persistence and concentration or focus,


– Conditioning a person to learn to enjoy a process,


– Training someone to be a person who is persistent or never gives up,


– Cultivating the ability to socialize with others and the environment,


– Embedding a paradigm that everything we want to enjoy permanently and without bad side effects, indeed taking an effort and a process,


– Setting the development of a balance of life between ‘effort and hard work’ and ‘appreciation and gratitude’,


– Helping us build a healthy and accurate lifestyle and work




Ps. Steven Agustinus