February 25, 2020

Until now, I found that there are many believers and servants of God who prepared themselves in such a way to be used by God.  Yet actually, if God really wants to use someone, He just needs to move and uses that person as who he is, even without any preparation!  God is also sovereign to use whoever or whatever He wants, even a Donkey to rebuke a prophet!  (Remember the story of Balaam – Numbers 22)

Everyone seems to be competing to be used by God but only a few willing to prepare themselves to become God’s representatives, whereas, in these last days, God is looking for people who can be His representative on earth!

1. To be a God’s representative on earth requires a certain divine qualification!

God can use anyone He wants, but He only determines certain people that He will bring up as His representatives on earth. That person must have gone through various preparatory steps: have experienced the death to the flesh, no selfishness, and no love the world nor love of money in his life. There is only love the Lord God that is blazing – wholeheartedly!

That person lives in complete connectedness and dependence on God. God’s divinity and the fullness of Christ become his daily life portion. He lives accurately and his daily life is always in harmony with the agenda of the Kingdom of Heaven. His daily life is victorious in every way, there is always a victorious spirit and a breakthrough spirit that keeps blazing strongly!

2. God does not want to only use particular people for a certain period.

He wants us to be His representatives, His partners on this earth for the rest of our lives!  The God who created the heavens and the earth, which we worship in the name of Jesus, is the God of generations. He always works continuously. What He does for one generation He will continue to the next generation. And whatever He has done in one generation becomes a stepping stone for the next generation to walk with Him!

Yet until now we often find that a movement in a generation stops at that generation, whereas the pattern of God’s work is always continuous from one generation to the next!  God is looking for people whom He can raise as His representatives on earth so that what He has started from one generation can be continued and completed by representatives of the next generation!

God does not have to look for people He can use from a new generation, because a person whom God has raised as His representative in a generation will be able to duplicate themselves to many others, Including to a new generation, so that what God has started with himself, will be able to continue through the lives of many others.

The people who inherit the spiritual DNA from the partner of God will duplicate themselves and continue what has been done, so that not only will the acceleration in the work of God but also will multiply in the work of the Spirit!

I pray God begins to find people whom He can raise as His representative on earth and that person continues to work on multiplying, duplicating the spiritual DNA that God has built in him into the lives of many others.  #ILoveGod

Ps.  Steven Agustinus