February 3, 2019

The more I observe the life of early church believers, the more I realize that perseverance is the proof of my earnest love towards God. It’s impossible for me to say that I love God but I don’t like to linger in His presence or to persevere in His word. Therefore, I want to always make sure to have a heart that’s always blazing in loving God and His every word!

The spiritual fact revealed by the Holy Spirit today becomes a foundational identity in my life as a new creation. I became a new creation through new birth, and Holy Spirit is the One who gave birth to me in the spirit and in His kingdom (John 3:5-8, Titus 3:5).

When I entered worship today, I felt and captured the Father’s heart. He has a deep desire for me to live in the identity that He has designed. The Father has placed the Spirit of Christ in me; there is an unlimited nature that He has given in my spirit. He doesn’t want me to keep living in limitations and weaknesses, moreover in continuous unnecessary suffering (caused by the enemy’s deception which for so long has made me fail to see my true identity).

Today, I understand why Holy Spirit brought me to enter the class of acceleration. Because as the one who gave birth to me in the Kingdom, He wants me to become someone wholesome in Him. He wants me to live by faith because I am born by the Spirit – I am His!

My faith will grow when more spiritual facts ‘successfully convince’ me. That’s why I realize the need to interact often and intensively with Holy Spirit and His word.

Holy Spirit reminded me about how a bar of iron could turn into a magnet when it keeps being rubbed by magnet. How come? It turns out, iron itself is already comprised of magnetic atoms. However, the atoms are not in order, disabling the iron’s magnetic function. When a magnet keeps being rubbed on the iron bar, the magnetic atoms in the iron will start to be arranged in order according to the magnet. In the end, the iron bar BECOMES a magnet itself! There is an ‘identity change’ from a bar of iron into a bar of magnet.

My spirit was blazing when I realized the scientific explanation above! I realize when I am born again, God has planted His divine nature in me. When I keep grinding (rubbing) the word into my life – through imagining, speaking, meditating, and internalizing the word – the same thing happens! The divinity of the word is ‘arranging’ and transforming my life. The same nature contained within His every word becomes a nature in my life. My identity transforms; no longer human but DIVINE! Now I understand the word written in 1 John 3:2; when I keep interacting with Him just as He is, I will be transformed more and more into His likeness!

I am thankful, because in this acceleration class, Holy Spirit will intensively build and fashion my way of living, convictions, faith, patience, love and perseverance. I want to make sure that I’m a diligent student who’s always present in this class! I also want to make sure that my heart is always tender and obedient towards all His directions.

I pray, let God’s fingerprint be established in my life through this acceleration class. Let it carry me not only to become someone who loves Him and wants to do His will, but also someone who inherits His mind and divine nature! Let it be done in Jesus name, amen! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus