February 3, 2020

My spiritual eyes suddenly opened and saw clearly the existence of people who are living in the inner conflict and keep also thinking of others mistakes/ bitterness. Their existence in the spirit is actually transmitting the contamination that is stink and dirty. As a result, various evil spirits come swarming around them. Then I saw how they are pulled out by the evil spirits into a prison and being tortured badly. They are terrorized in such a way so they could not live peacefully.


Holy Spirit explained the meaning of the vision above, that is the existence of peoples who are always toyed by situations, circumstances, and peoples. Their hearts depend on the external things. As a result they will never enjoy heavenly life on this earth. It’s so easy for them to get offended, angry, or disappointed. All problems are caused by their feelings.


In other hand, I saw people who think the things of the Spirit.


Philippians 4:8 (TLB) And now, brothers, as I close this letter, let me say this one more thing: Fix your thoughts on what is true and good and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely, and dwell on the fine, good things in others. Think about all you can praise God for and be glad about.


They are visited by various heavenly dimensions and full of the glory of God. There is a sweet savour that is radiating from their lives. They really enjoy living in the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth. Full of peace and eternal joy. I saw those people are truly happy in living their daily lives.


Then the Spirit whispered His will in my heart: I want the lives of believer could enjoy the heaven on earth (without inner conflict). That is the life that pleases My heart. So that happiness, peace and eternal joy can radiate and touch the lives of many people through believers’ lives. These days I will make happiness in believers’ live be overflow! Not because of external things but because they think the things of the Spirit. I will distinguish them from others. So that many people who are looking for true happiness will come to My people and learn to live their life in the ways of God!


I believe those days will soon arrive. I give myself once more to be formed by the Holy Spirit into a person who always joyful, grateful, and happy. I will keep thinking the things of the Spirit! He is the source of my true happiness!! I want to live happily on this earth!! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus