February 4, 2019

The Devil’s method in disrupting, taking down, and destroying believers’ life has always been the same. It’s by making us doubt/unable to see our true identity in Christ, before finally accepting the identity that this word/the Devil offers.

1. Adam and Eve was successfully taken down by the Devil

Devil “spoke and played with words of deception” about Adam and Even being created according to God’s image and likeness! However, the Devil also offered “another identity” to them. And that identity seems to be more enticing than God’s image in their lives.

The Devil offered man the identity to become an initiator. Then, man started to imagine and fantasize that kind of life. They start to imagine their presence being “equal with God,” no longer needing any command or instruction from Him; they could start to become initiators. Even the way God is worshipped, they could be worshipped by the creations (Gen 3:6).

The desire to be an initiator is actually Lucifer’s desire imparted to Adam and Eve. It aims to remove man from God’s presence, just like the way Lucifer was cast out from heaven. Man accepted the identity and lost God’s image as the consequence. That’s why many people are pursuing power, position, praise, respect and all kinds of self-pride to satisfy their heart! Man becomes lovers of self, money, and this world! They will do anything to receive “approval” from others and to satisfy themselves. This is the source of this world’s destruction until this day (1 Tim 6:10).

2. The Devil did something similar to Jesus in the wilderness

The Devil tempted Jesus to proof Himself as the Son of God! The Devil did it by “throwing lies and trying to impart its nature.” It aimed for Jesus to doubt His identity, so He would “put on” the identity offered by the Devil. If Jesus became doubtful, that’s the very moment He lost His spiritual position in the spirit!

The reason Devil approached Jesus is because of His spiritual stature. Jesus has a very high and authoritative spiritual stature; ready to subdue this world and destroy the enemy’s work (the same thing that the Devil saw in Adam and Eve). This is what the Devil truly fears.

Therefore, the Devil felt that it must intercept Jesus by making Him doubt His identity! And the method is so “smooth.” The Devil always uses matters of “daily needs,” “position,” “self-security,” etc. These are the life areas often worried by man, including believers. This is what makes people, even “believers,” feel that they must prove themselves as sons of God through gaining money so they could eat, using their own strength to preserve themselves from danger, and pursue success.

So, believers are actually pursuing for approval that they are not lacking, always safe from danger, and are able to reach for success. Through it, they finally become sure that they are sons of God. However, Jesus didn’t get baited by that strategy! Jesus didn’t need to turn stone into bread, throw Himself down, or to worship the Devil only to receive approval. Jesus didn’t need approval. He knows for sure that He is the Son of God!

Jesus has won His fight and overcame the world! Because He couldn’t be controlled, managed, dictated, or molded by this world! As the Son of God, Jesus became the executor of the Father’s plans!

3. I truly learned from the above story; I must always live in the death of flesh, in self-denial, and taking up the cross

Therefore, I won’t get trapped to pursue after approval or pursuing daily needs and success. Because as sons of God, we no longer need approval from anyone – the heavenly Father’s approval is enough! And as sons of God, we don’t need to pursue success! Because we are sons of the King and God the creator of the universe. We don’t need to pursue after worldly success for approval! Because the success offered by this world is way inferior.

How could we pursue after something so low, moreover for daily needs? It is out of place for sons of God to do all that! We already have everything. As sons of God, our life satisfaction comes only from His word and doing His will – only that! Everything outside of it is not from God!

4. I want to live from what comes from God alone, which is His word

What He says is my identity in Christ! That is my true identity! I will only act and do everything according to whatever God speaks. That’s my true success; a life that favors the heart of God. Whatever the world says about me is a lie. I won’t incline my ears, moreover ponder on what the world says.

My part is only to think, meditate, and declare my identity (what God and His word says about me). That’s what will set me apart from this world to such an extent. I have my own uniqueness and function as part of the body of Christ.

My only part is to keep living as who I am in Christ! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus