February 5, 2019

I believe that something will happen when I stay active and passionate to persevere in the word and in following Holy Spirit’s acceleration class. Spiritual facts will keep being built as my divine logic. My conviction, mindset, and lifestyle will keep being transformed. As a result, my life becomes increasingly harmonious to my true identity which God has set before the foundation of this world.

When my true identity in Christ has been built strongly in my life, it will substitute the ‘false’ identity that I have lived in for so long (which is the product of sin and the Devil’s deception). Automatically, the breakthroughs, victories, and divine nature of God become an inseparable part of my life.

However, I must also realize something about the divine nature, breakthroughs, and victories that are being revealed through my life. They are not only aimed for me to live victoriously on earth. Their purpose is to make my life usable by God as His weapon of righteousness. So, through my life, God could touch the life of others around me.

I’m blessed to be a blessing! I’m changed to be His agent of change!

Today, I feel how God keeps gripping me with His presence that is filled with such a strong love. Today, Holy Spirit brought me deeper in His throne room.

I realize more and more that this acceleration class by the Holy Spirit is not only about digging and studying His word. It’s not just about finding spiritual facts to be built as my divine logic. It’s also about Holy Spirit training me to BECOME a true worshipper who worships the Father in spirit and truth (John 4:23).

Pneuma aletheia” means to worship earnestly and passionately with all our being to pursue Him. I open my heart and life as wide as possible to be molded by the Spirit as a true worshipper in His presence.

Moreover, I found something when looking deeper into what Holy Spirit is doing in this class of acceleration. He is not only building my perseverance in prayer, but He is making my life a life of endless prayers!

Prayer is believers’ breath of life. It’s impossible for us to breathe once an hour. We may build the habit of declaring His word once an hour. But when it comes to communicating with the Holy Spirit, it should be continuous, not hourly.

I feel Holy spirit is bringing me to drown more and more in His love and to start entering His world! I feel that my days are colored more and more by divine things and His voice. The awareness of God’s reality governs my heart and spirit more and more, not just once an hour. I feel that my days aren’t silent anymore, because Holy Spirit who is unlimited by space and time is always communicating with me.

In my meditation today, Holy Spirit made me see this natural fact. For so long, man keeps living with a very ‘conditional’ love for others. I find that many people misinterpret the word in Matthew 7:12.

The word principle is to treat others the way you want to be treated.” HOWEVER, this principle doesn’t say that we should treat others the way they treated you” AT ALL!

I realize that my attitude towards others should not be determined by what they do to me. It doesn’t mean that I will only act sincere to those who are kind to me, and act evil against those who are evil to me.

This is the principle Holy Spirit taught me today: every of my actions mirror my identity. I am reminded of the word in Matthew 5:43-47. Father gives the sun for the good and the wicked, and He does the same with rain. The sun will always be warm, both for good and wicked men. If good men hang their clothes under the sun, they will surely dry. The same goes for wicked men; the heat of the sun will also dry their clothes. Because heat is the nature of the sun.

Ice is another example; it will always be cold. Ice will cool the drink of both good and wicked men. Because cold is the nature of ice.

This is the divine logic that I keep building in my life. I love others not because they have done good or evil to me, but because I am His temple who could only flow life! Love is the nature of my life as His son!

I believe that Holy Spirit is carrying every student of this acceleration class to truly be filled by the word until it becomes a divine life in them. Therefore, whatever happens around us, only the word will come out. Because there is nothing else in our lives but His word!

This is the spiritual fact that I must realize: when I’m born again, God has planted His divine nature in my life.

If I find that my love is still conditional, it means that I am still like an ordinary piece of iron; having magnetic atoms, but disorganized, disabling me to function as a magnet. What I must do is to keep grinding myself with the word and to keep interacting with God. It will cause the divine nature in God’s every word to be built in my life.

Today, I realize that when I don’t live in His divinity, I am living below standard. I’m living like an ordinary piece of iron that hasn’t been turned into magnet although already made of magnetic atoms. My life is useless for the kingdom of Heaven. Even worse, without God’s divinity, I could become the Devil’s weapon of iniquity. I could transmit my inaccuracies to those around me, causing me to only add destruction to this world!

I don’t want such thing to happen in my life although that was my old self. Now I am a new creation; I am dead to sin and I have no past – only the future!

I am determined to build accuracy and perseverance to grind the word into my life. Through it, His divine nature will become a tangible part of my life.

I desire my life to be usable by God as a weapon of righteousness – to be part of the body of Christ which will bring restoration of all things! Let it be done in Jesus name! Amen! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus