February 8, 2019

There are several interesting spiritual facts in Judges 6 about the revelation of Gideon’s identity in God:

1. Gideon lived in a generation whose heart is crooked and was colonized and terrorized immensely by the Midianites

Because of being oppressed, Israel was powerless. They must hide in caves in order to survive. They couldn’t fight back or sound their voice. Although their number is quite big, the enemy has successfully shaped their mentality as a ‘minority group’. The enemy also tried to kill them slowly by destroying their harvest as far as Gaza, and left no sustenance in Israel, not even sheep, ox, or donkey (Judges 6:4). Such condition is very similar with the church within a nation which plays the “tribe-religion-race-and-groups card”!

They build a thinking paradigm that there is a majority and minority group! This disables the church to sound their voice of truth loudly. Finally, even believers are intimidated about their “self-security,” and choose to avoid potential conflicts. The same happened to Israel who finally have to hide in caves! They were intimidated, fearful, and powerless!

However, I believe that such times will be over soon! When God’s people reconnect with His lovingkindness and sovereignty, something will happen! We will see God lifting believers over this nation, positioning them in high places to reign and bring in the reality of His kingdom. God will never leave His people. When the heart of His people inclines back to Him, God will never delay His help!

2. Before God raised Gideon, He must firstly send His prophets to speak to His people

The released prophetic dimension becomes a womb of revival which gives birth to valiant heroes. And in God’s sovereignty, He chose Gideon to lead the 300 He has raised!

The prophetic dimension is a very strong work of the word and Spirit. It comes from God Himself to revive His people, so they could live accurately according to the pattern He has set. Usually, He will use those whose lives have been built accurately as channels of this prophetic dimension.

I believe that the ‘true prophetic dimension’ will give birth to a different generation over a nation; a generation who lives from the word alone and overcome this world by faith. This is the dimension which will restore a generation into wholesomeness. They could come out of their hiding caves, delivered from raging inner conflict and negative emotions. They could challenge the ‘slavery’ system of mammon/money and all kind of iniquities. They will work together as one team; the ministry of the Body of Christ. Hand in hand, this generation will bring in the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven with the power of faith!

3. When God revealed Gideon’s identity in Him, Gideon still finds it “hard to believe”

However, Gideon didn’t stay passive. He tried to convince himself with what God has spoken. Gideon did it by asking for “signs” several times.

Some preachers interpreted what Gideon did as a form of “testing” his life calling. As a result, many people keep arguing with God when they listen to His word. Finally, many believers are testing God’s voice with all kinds of ways. While it’s not something wrong, I found a different perspective from Gideon’s story. His bravery in asking for signs isn’t because he doubted God, but because Gideon doubted himself.

That’s why Gideon actively moved to convince himself until his spirit is stirred. It signified that Gideon received the revelation about God, enabling Him to see the One who has spoken to him! That’s the attitude we need! We must be thirsty of His word and keep convincing ourselves with His word!

There is no other way. The only way for us to rise as heroes of faith is by grinding ourselves with God’s word. Think His word, meditate His word, speak His word, connect His word to our daily life, and believe the miracles in His word! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus