February 9, 2020

In one prayer, God revealed to me that in the year of 2020 there will be many great servants of God in the past who ever suffered severe wounds. God will restore and will bring them back to the ministry; but this time with an accurate life that more proper to be imitated.

God wants me, BCC congregation and the SnS family (and now, all the readers of this Daily Devotion) to get prepared and accept the existence of God’s servants who are wounded.

God stated, it takes a healthy and strong spiritual family to accept those wounded God’s servants and care for their spiritual lives until they are fully healed or recovered. And if God reveals it to us, it means that God is conditioning ourselves to get ready to accept their existence.

1. It takes greatness of soul and divine love to be able to accept those who are hurt and sacrifice for recovery in their lives.

The Bible tells about the parable that Jesus gave to the scribes who were testing Himself: The story of the good Samaritan (Luke 10: 25-37). In this parable Jesus emphasized that ‘your neighbor’ must not be limited by anything; no matter what the color, social status or past of the person concerned, they must not limit our acceptance or expression of love! Including the ‘feelings of disappointment or blockages of heart’ as a result of us being being offended with the existence of senior God’s servants who used to be blessing for us but then they became very disappointing!

By asking to God to give us a greatness of soul and an overflowing divine love, we will be able to function like kind-hearted Samaritans and not picky about doing good. We will be like the Hand of God who acts to bind up the lives of those senior God’s servants who are in wound.

2. It takes sincerity and pure love in the interact with others.

I pray, let God continue to cleanse each of our lives so all that remains is sincerity and purity. I believe, apart from the work of the Spirit and the words that are really needed for the recovery of the wounded senior God’s servant, our sincerity in loving and purity in building relationships or interacting with each other will play an important role in the recovery of the lives of the the servant of God.

Previously they had been hurt and betrayed viciously – apart from the result of certain inaccuracies in their lives, but they were hurt due to insincerity and impurity in a relationship. But by feeling the sincerity and purity that God builds in our lives, these servants of God will experience recovery and revival!

3. It takes wisdom, humility and accuracy in carrying ourselves.

I believe, God is continuously baptizing us with the latest revelation of the word. And it automatically positions us ‘over’ many people – particulary among God’s servants. But in order to function as the ‘balm of Gilead’ that Holy Spirit can use to heal the wounds of God’s servants, we must know how to speak the word that we live in and believe before them.

We cannot use the revelation of the word we receive to ‘strike’ – to correct and judge their lives in the past. On the contrary, we must know how to use the revelation to give them a new hope, new spiritual strength so that they will be recovered and revived like an eagle which gets new feathers and is ready to fly higher!

After all the wounded God’s servants are already like Samson – blind (lost their vision), turning around to grind the wheat (a life bound by the Babylonian system, only busy seeking for a bite of rice to sustain his life) and being made a joke at the enemy (Samson was told to make jokes before the Philistines) – but once again, God will restore their lives and use them to wholeheartedly destroy the work of the enemy! And God is pleased to use our lives to be a ‘tipping point’ in their lives!

I pray, let the nature of Christ that is always ready to feed those who are hungry, to bind up the wounded and to give a new hope for those who are in despair, will keep growing and manifesting in your daily life. #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus