January 1, 2020

Suddenly Holy Spirit spoke in my heart: Make sure the river of living water that flow in your heart keeps growing bigger like unstoppable rivers. Because there are warfares in your daily life to fight against the currents of Babylon river.


Next I saw in the Spirit, the water of the Babylon river was black and stinky. There were dead animals and “dead people” in it. The water of that river was very thick and horrible, the currents were huge. While, that water was made as the source of “life”. There were many people taking up the water and brought it home. They drank that water!


Then I saw, all of sudden people in their houses became so fierce then they quarreled and hated each other so they killed. Then their corpses were rotten and changed into black water flowing out to come together with that huge currents. And so on the Babylon river cycle increased in the amount of the currents everyday.


Then Holy Spirit explained to me the voice and the vision:


1. Be careful of the social media, news and various negative events that is always broadcasted through the cyber world – guard your heart with all vigilance!


Because there are a lot of personal life and household that are broken. They are people who are “addicted with social media” so they prioritize it more than God. Be careful of the contents and the spirit working in it. This is very important to watch over!


2. There are many spirit of vengeance, bitterness and anger that ready to spread to those who are often online in social media. Be very careful!


Not only that, the spirit of hedonism and materialism are also attracted people to live in the lifestyle that leads to death. There is also the feeling of frustation on it. Thoses things are getting more obvious in the cyber world, darker and horrible. It won’t get any better! The wicked will be more wicked!


3. Keep guarding our hearts in the real world, for there are many people who unconsciously keep opening themselves to the “spirit of death” (anger, hatred, resentment, revenge)


Because of that, they will always release all those in their daily lives. Beware! It’s not a common thing, this is warfare that we have to win over everyday. Never think we wrestle against flesh and blood, no! We will be deceived and finally attack people. That’s what the enemy wants, quarrel. If we fight then the dead streams will be bigger and ruin the lives of many other people. And block the rivers of living water that should flow from within us.


4. Make sure that we rise in the power of the Spirit to flow the living waters much bigger from within us


Focus on that, allow the reality of God and the word keep over flowing from within. PUSH BACK THE CURRENT OF THE DEAD RIVER. This is like a wrestle that we have to win. Whatever happens, overpower the spiritual atmosphere that exists with the reality of God, fill your mind with the truth. And trust in Him only.


John 7:37-38 (NKJV) On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”


To make sure the streams of the living water overflowing swiftly in our hearts, there are three things that we must do:


a. Keep a thirsty and hungry heart of His reality and word (ask Holy Spirit for the spiritual dimension of thirst of God). And make God as the only source that can satisfy our hearts. This heart attitude that will make us keep pushing in the Spirit so we can interact with His divinity! Our spirit becomes active to pursue God.


b. Believe in His ETERNAL or EVERLASTING existence. When we believe then the streams of living water will burst forth or flow. Bursting forth means: ourselves get connected/associated/unite with His eternal nature and kingdom (John 4:14). When we are connected then at that moment the reality of God covers our hearts. It will make us overcome the currents of the Babylon river in this world. Our lives will always be covered with the truth (we are able to hear God speaks), joy and peace beyond understanding.


c. Make the good news and truth viral, spread them in the social media. At least we can save those who love the truth and set free those who are bound by the corrupted. Indeed, the wicked will get more wicked, but there are also the righteous who are being tortured. Our part is to share the truth that set them free! After we spread the good news, focus again on His word, we don’t need to linger on the social media.




Ps. Steven Agustinus