January 11, 2019

Many people asked, “What is Divine Logic?” To understand it, I’d like to invite everyone to firstly understand what is “logic.”

The world “logic” is rooted in the Greek word “logos.” The word “logic” itself could be interpreted as the result of the mind’s consideration, expressed through words and stated in language.

Logic is one of the fields in philosophy. As a discipline, logic is termed in Latin as “Logica Scientia” or the Science of Logic. It’s a field which studies the ability to think correctly and systematically. The science of logic will sharpen the ability of a person’s mind to actualize their knowledge into action (source: Wikipedia).

So, based on the short understanding about logic above, I could give the definition to Divine Logic as follows: thoughts and considerations based on Biblical principles and Spirit revelations which influence and determine a person’s decision-making, so whatever they decide will always position them as doers of the word, becoming the righteous who live in faith and please God’s heart.

1. When we build the Divine Logic, our mind will become a very ideal work partner for our inner man

Since long ago, I often heard God’s servants preaching, “if you want to follow God, you must follow the directions coming from your heart – not your mind!” For so long, I thought that this mind is an enemy of our heart/inner man. Now I understand that what the servants of God meant was this: don’t follow your unrenewed mind (Rom 12:2, Ef 4:23)!

When we start to build Divine Logic, our mind will become a highly ideal working partner of our inner man. Through our renewed mind (with Divine Logic), we could dig deeper understanding on every word that God reveals. Then, we could set concrete steps to apply the word (becoming doers of the word). We are able to plan and prepare the technical steps to reach the various divine matters that God has prepared, etc.

In short, without being focused to build the Divine Logic in our mind, we will always tend to keep circling in this spiritual journey. All word or Spirit revelation will merely stay as a concept without practical steps to be done!

Build Divine Logic in your life, and your inner man will experience the various breakthroughs and progresses it needs! #iLoveGod

This message will be continued tomorrow

Ps. Steven Agustinus