January 13, 2020

This message is the continuation of yesterday’s message


2. When we imagine the word and declare it until our spirit be blaze, we are actually activating the element of Spirit, word and faith to bring us to be connected with God’s divinity dimension and His word that exist in the spirit


In an effort of bringing people to go through supernatural experiences, the enemy always conditions man to become static, passive or empty; it’s different with the Holy Spirit! He never makes man to passive or static. He encourages the believers to actively involve their imagination and mouth to imagine the word and to declare it!


When the area of imagination that we use to actively (and creatively) imagining the fulfillment of the word we have received, without realizing it, there is a restricted fence that we have built in our lives so the evil spirits that dwell in the spiritual world cannot just ‘hijack’ our lives by ‘taking us out’ from the word and giving us various spiritual experiences that can leave a very deep impression in our lives, but that impression is actually a seed from the enemy which later will have a potential to ‘drag us out’ of the sovereignty of the word over our lives.


So keep learning to discipline our mind and imagination to stay focus and hold only on His word! While we imagine the word that we receive through the revelation of the Holy Spirit, start to pray in tongues. Pray in such a way until we begin to feel a flow that runs from within. That is the flow of living water that must continue to be grown until it becomes a huge river (Ezekiel 47:1-5).


Usually, along with the flow from within keeps overflowing, there will be a certain impression related to the word we have imagined will start to appear in our mind. That impression could be words that motivate or express our belief to the word we have imagined; it could be a certain feeling that needs to translate and articulate directly through a prayer or declaration that we make.


In short, do the declaration or speak the impression that we receive by using the words that contain the element of encouraging, motivating adding to our confidence in the word we are imagining.


Do it seriously – focus! Do it until we feel our heart be blaze, be enthusiastic, and be passionate – it indicates that there is a flow of divine life that comes from the existence of God and His word (spiritual world) that begin to enter influence our lives. This is the divine dimension that we need to keep growing and it will make the Christ’s spirit be manifest in our lives! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus