January 19, 2020

Basically, since being a new creation, every believer has been given an ability to ‘see and hear’ – to interact with God personally (Proverbs 20:12, John 10: 1-4)


The problem is, frequently the believer himself who doesn’t consistently guard and increase the dimension of interaction with God that he has begun to experience. There’s always an excuse that they give; starting from many activities they have to face various life problems that make them so burdened!


It is all the attempts as distractions that the enemy always tries to do in the lives of believers so they lose the dimension and the dynamics of interaction with God that they should personally experience.


Without building the interaction with God, every believer could lose the ability to give an influence in the interaction with others – they become like branches that cut off from the vine (John 15: 1-8).


1. Be aware of any forms of the distractions that the enemy is doing


Truly this is a form of spiritual warfare that the enemy keeps on doing against every believer! As believer, we really have everything we need – to stay connected with God and also bring forth fruit! Enemy will keep trying to make us distracted, so we will feel that we have nothing in our lives – even we will feel that we have been ‘left alone by God’.


The enemy will always try to take an advantage of bad events that we experience as well as wicked or annoying people who interact with us to stir the emotion and focus of our minds!


Understand that the ​​emotion and focus of mind are the area of ​​our lives that God creates to make us to be able to keep connected with the reality of His Kingdom (the spirit world). So by using anything, the enemy will continue to make our emotions become unstable and the focus of our mind will be divided into various things.


2. Any forms of distractions actually come in the form of negative ‘words’ and ‘feelings or emotions’; only can be fought by ‘words and feelings’ too


This is one of the reasons why I encourage us to regularly and diligently speak in tongues and make a declaration of the word.


Declaring the word and speaking in tongues will help us to get rid of various ‘words’ that the enemy throws out into our minds. When we keep speaking in tongues and declaring the word until our hearts be blaze, we have actually removed the various negative emotions that the enemy keeps blowing into our hearts!



As long as we can make sure of our emotions full of enthusiasm – burning and blazing – and our minds keep focusing on His word, it means there is no influence from Devil that is successfully affect our lives! We continue to have lives that focus on Him and  become one in His work agenda!


Our daily lives will keep flowing the divine influence that will position us to have the ability to swallow up the death in victory! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Augustinus