January 2, 2019

From meditating the verses in 1 Samuel 1, I received several points:

1. Prayer will bring us to meet with The One who has shaped our life and bring us to become a wholesome person in God

When Hannah was hurt by Peninnah, she felt wounded, cried, and lost her appetite (1 Sam 1:6-7). I received the understanding that at this phase, Hannah represented those who are still wounded, unwholesome, and haven’t received the knowledge of God who brings people to become wholesome.

Hannah’s husband still loved her, tried to comfort her, and even gave Hannah double the amount of offering meat compared to Peninnah (1 Sam 1:5, 8 NKJV). Still, it couldn’t ‘heal’ the pain in Hannah’s heart. So, in her pain and ire, Hannah tearfully prayed to God. By meditating this story, I realized that there is no worldly solution that will help us! Even the words of her husband who loves her so much couldn’t comfort Hannah. This shows that human and worldly love could not bring a person to be healed.

God is the only solution of all problems, struggles and challenges that we experience. God is the only one who could bring us to be healed and to become wholesome. I believe that this is the reason why: since the start, God has placed eternity in the heart of man so it could be filled and satisfied by Him alone (Ecc 3:11 AMP).

2. Praying and persevering in the word will bring us to grow in the knowledge of God and will enable us to always see from His perspective

Hannah’s response in her heart bitterness to seek and rely on God made me realize. It’s truly important to persevere earnestly in His word. It will bring us to grow in the knowledge of God, and build in us a divine perspective based on His word.

So far, man’s response is always conditioned to rely mostly on what is happening around them. The external condition usually determines what we feel. I discover how much of the life and feeling of man that keeps being toyed by the work of the devil in this world!

I found that a stable emotional life, a victorious life, and a life filled with breakthrough is not determined by what happens externally! It is determined by our connectedness with The Creator! I believe, the knowledge of God and divine perspective is crucial for us to always see Him as a sovereign God and a good Father!

We could go through various conditions that people usually see as ‘negative’, ‘poor’, or ‘unprofitable’. However, with the knowledge of God and divine perspective, we will always be able to see His hands in every situation of our life. We could capture God’s purpose in every situation. Therefore, we could see how everything that happens around us is actually shaping our life to become more and more beautiful before Him! Therefore, I know how to respond towards every situation accurately. It’s just like the way God washes away the filth of the daughters of Zion by bringing the spirit of judgment and burning (God’s hand is processing the daughters of Zion to be increasingly clean and pure, beautiful before Him (Is 4:4)).

When we stay focused in seeing HIM, we won’t be able to see the negative in every situation any longer. His divine love will always flood our life in the midst of all situation!

I believe that God has a reason behind everything that He allows to happen in our lives. He wants to continuously separate our life from this world. He is transferring us from this shaky world to enter His world; an unshakable Kingdom! That’s why, everything could happen around about, but divine perspective will always enable us to produce divine response! And not only that, divine perspective will also make our eyes stay focused on God alone to such an extent. Therefore, our heart won’t be hurt/offended by the surrounding condition. Because we keep enjoying His lavish love through everything that we experience! Truly, there is nothing that can separate us from His love (Rm 8:38-39)!

3. Prayers born from the heart will activate the spirit of breakthrough and bring in God’s divinity to create a godly, strong, and eternal impact on earth!

Hannah’s earnest prayer gave birth to Samuel who “herded Israel with iron rod and staff”; Samuel ‘raised’ David, a great king who loves God so much; and God chose David’s lineage to ‘birth’ Jesus Christ, the King of all kings!

Today, I realize one thing. When I pray, I am truly facing with the sovereign God directly. He is the One who started and determined everything on earth, the highest authority in the universe! He is the Alpha, Omega and the Living God!

Right now, I prophesy in Jesus’ name over every member of Breakthrough City Church & Steven and Sons Family:

God will raise you as an influential, impactful and renown people in this world. Not by human effort, not by connections here and there, but because God’s hand who lifts and promotes you Himself!

Stop using worldly ways! Every of your connection that leads you to occupy strategic places in every domain is the engineering of God’s hand – because you build your prayer life until you are recognized in the throne room! Not because you fight and sweat it by your humanity!

You are all part of one body of Christ, and you will occupy strategic places in every domain in this nation.

“Truly, the time is at hand when the synergy of My body manifests over this nation. For the strategic positions in every domain is occupied by your spiritual brothers who are part of the same body, My body (Christ)! A perfect synergy will take place, and the restoration of all things will come soon!”

I believe that this world will be filled with God’s glory because a generation that lives for God alone is being born! They live only for the interest of the Kingdom! Let it be done in Jesus’ name! Amen!

When Holy Spirit revealed this, an increasing seriousness to live my everyday life rose within my spirit. I want to make sure that every of my thoughts, feelings, actions, words, responses and decisions are always accurate and aligned with the Word of The King! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus