January 21, 2020

Every believer who keeps on walking in the Spirit will find this reality: the angels of God will be more real in interacting in their daily lives.


1. The angels are spiritual beings who are sent by the Father to serve us (Hebrews 1:14)


The Father will send His angels to fulfill the particular needs that we have in our daily lives and in our ministry.


  • The angels strengthened and served Elijah and Jesus when in distress (Luke 22:43, 1 Kings 19: 1-8),
  • The angels were sent by God to set free the Apostles from the prison (Acts 5: 18-20),
  • The angels were sent by God to give a specific direction to His servants (Acts 8:26, 10: 1-6).


2. The angels are sent by the Father to ensure and condition our heart desires to be fulfilled (Genesis 24: 7, 34-40)


Eliezer was led by the angel of God in order to meet Rebekah – the future wife that God had chosen for Isaac. The angels ‘facilitated’ Eliezer in ‘making decision’, by ‘guarding the well’ so there would be no other girls coming to draw water and made Rebekah draw water right away just like Eliezer had been asking in his prayer.


From the record in Job 33: 14-30 we may ask the Father to condition our family members could experience a divine encounter with God and His truth. There are many of us who still have many family members who are not in God yet. Pray, ask the Father to send His angel and lead them to return to God.


Despite of free will of men and the sovereignty of God who has the right to soften or harden people’s hearts – as He did to Pharaoh – keep on asking to Him. Although the comparison is like one to a  thousand, but nothing is impossible for those who believe.


3. The angels work and serve the needs of believers according to the nature that He has given to them (Exodus 23: 20-23, John 5: 4)


When God sees His people need the spiritual breakthrough, He will send a ‘certain angels’ to make these breakthrough in the spirit so that certain people whom God send to ‘make a breakthrough’ will successfully fulfill it. People often call angels by names or title that describe their work: The angel of breakthrough, the angel of healing and so on.


4. God sends the angels to bring judgment (Genesis 19, 2 Samuel 24: 15-17, 1 Chronicles 21: 14-20, 27, 2 Chronicles 32: 21-22, Psalms 78:49)


5. God sends angels to encamp all around those who fear Him (Psalms 34: 7-8, 91: 10-11, Daniel 3:28, 6:22)

6. The angels are spiritual beings who perform, work to condition the situation or or circumstances to fulfill God’s word (Psalms 103: 20)


7. Angels are also sent by God to bring and deliver His words (Matthew 1:20, 24; 2:13; Luke 1: 8-17, 26-38; 2: 8-20)


8. God places at least one angel as the guardian angel for every believer (Matthew 18:10)


  • God has the right to forbid or command the angels to accompany and work extra in someone’s life (Luke 12: 8-9),
  • God sent the guardian angel for saving Peter form the death sentence (Acts 12: 5-11).


9. Stay aware of the appearance of the angels, always align the spiritual experience with His word


  • Devil can masquerade as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14),
  • One of the angels of darkness can give us a spiritual experience as well as ‘the word revelation’ – this is the origin of various manifestations of the ‘false gospel’ (Galatians 1: 6-8),
  • God forbids us to worship the angels (Colossians 2:18),
  • In our sincerity, unwittingly we can give a shelter or entertain angels (Hebrews 13: 2).




Ps. Steven Agustinus