January 27, 2020

When a believer learns to be responsible for his own growth – by functioning himself as a ‘living spirit’, and as a thermostat, not a thermometer – at that moment our everyday lives we can be used by God to start ‘swallowing up the death in victory’!

Imagine this situation: (the condition of our spiritual man) we keep experiencing breakthrough as a result of the work of the word and the Spirit; the flow of joy and the victorious spirit are getting stronger day by day and fulfilling our hearts. We are no longer easily swayed by the conditions, situations, circumstances or physical facts; we keep living from whatever God speaks or promises every day.

Our basic convictions are strongly built because our mouths keep speaking His word and our minds or imagination keep focusing only on His word. Automatically there are no more opportunities for the enemy to make us to be distracted from His word.

Imagine our existence that are ‘living in God’ then we start to interact with many others. Most people are living in a veil of death, sorrow, mourning and sadness or disappointment. Their lives are as if bound by darkness and endless sadness.

Imagine the contrasting types of life is ‘clashing’ through daily interactions that occur in the environment, workplace or study or other social interactions. Of course this will cause various responses and reactions!

I am sure, for most people who surely have an intention of heart to pursue the truth, when they start to interact with people who are bringing the life of the Spirit, they will begin to long that kind of victorious life!

For those who are indeed ‘love the darkness’, surely this interaction will be the thing they avoid! Because the interaction with believers who function as ‘living spirits’ (become spiritual thermostats) is the same as a torture. They bring the Light of God into their lives!

By identifying those who really love the truth, it is easy to start guiding them to meet the Spirit of truth. And when they encounter the Spirit of Truth, that truth will set them free! (John 8:32)

This is the time for God to give birth a generation of believers who able to swallow up the various activities of the death – in any form and degree – that they encounter in daily life! This is the time for everyone who opens their hearts to start experience the victory of Christ on the cross and the manifestation of grace from the Kingdom! And that will be expressed through our lives! #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus