January 28, 2020

There was a vision I received: There was a branch of a tree large enough, already cut off from its tree. Then the branch was suddenly grafted onto the ‘other tree’. Next that branch was painted with brown color that was like a tree and was given fruits decoration. That tree did look beautiful.


Then Holy Spirit spoke in my heart: “There are many believers who are living such a life. They are disconnected from God but they still look successful and also impactful. But actually they are bringing ‘another life’. A kind of life which originates from this world, money and humanity what really is not a ‘life’ but death. Beware not to be part of them. Keep focus on the ‘connectedness’ with me. Guard the burning spirit. Keep close to Me (Holy Spirit – use His Word as a material to communicate or dialog with Me) as a source of life and eternal fire! So you will always be on fire. That is the sign of a divine life within you. So you will keep growing beyond the success of this world. I will bring you to be a revivalist. Where My reality will be so real to you. And everyone who meets you will meet with My existence in you. That’s the true life. You live for Me alone! That’s the LIFE that will touch the lives of many people. Keep paying attention on this CONNECTEDNESS ASPECT! Because that will make me real on this earth.”

I believe if we keep paying attention on the aspect of CONNECTEDNESS, the Lord and His wonderful deeds will be manifested in our daily lives. #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus