January 29, 2020

Holy Spirit keeps speaking in my heart: From the revelation of the existence of God, the knowledge of the spiritual realm and the devil that are limited by God, and the protection of the angels are so real, there should be no more worries in our lives. Our lives should be calm in His presence, full of joy and peace. That is the atmosphere that should surround our lives!


There is no more excuse for us to doubt God. Whatever we need must be fulfilled, we will also get the protection that we need, and we will receive an accurate guidance. In God everything is certain !! What He has said and revealed is FINAL! All His promises must be fulfilled. The devil can’t stop us !! So the matter with the devil is over !! He is not in the slightest power.


The problem now is in ourselves. There are many believers who continue to live with the conviction, heart attitude, and lifestyles that are still molded by world patterns. This is the source of problems in our daily lives. We still want to live as we wish (not doing His will) and as we like (not being doers of the word). As a consequence, our lives are broken apart and we start ‘to blame the devil’ (scapegoat). Even if we want to give our lives to Him and do His word, we won’t have any more problems. We will continuously be brought up and never got down. We will be used by God to bring huge impact.


For that reason, I truly believe, in 2020 whatever we do (doing His will), God will make it successfully. There is an acceleration in all aspects. The devil cannot touch our lives in the slightest. The year 2020 and thereafter is (must be) the years of devil-free life!


My part is to set my heart always thirsty for God, love the truth, and live in the death of flesh and surrender my rights. By doing so, I will always cling to Him, so my life will be fruitful!


Proverbs 4:23 (NKJV) Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.


I want to ensure my heart free from all forms of inner conflict, self-love, love money and love the world. Therefore I will always be able to ‘see God’. So I can enter and enjoy the world of God. That is my life. I am in the world that is full of wonders and miracles of God!! There will be no work of the enemy in the God’s world! My life will keep rising up and be useful for the Kingdom of Heaven !! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus