January 3, 2019

During prayer, Holy Spirit showed me something. I saw a room being greatly shaken. It makes every creature behind the furniture, wood, and floor come out. The creatures coming out are dominated by snakes and scorpions. And not long after, I saw a foot which is quite large that stomps on the creatures until they all die!

Then, Holy Spirit explained to me the meaning of the vision. In the upcoming presidential election of Indonesia, many economic and political turmoil will happen. It will destabilize the security of Indonesia. What we “hoped” to happen – a peaceful campaign – won’t take place like it’s supposed to. Political tension will heat up, hoax will circulate and verbal fights will occur. Even some groups with political interests will also try to create physical conflict!

However, Holy Spirit firmly said, “Don’t fear, my people! All is in My control! The turmoil will bring out ‘the wicked people’ to the open, those who for so long has been hiding behind the scenes to destroy Indonesia. They will be exposed! And the law enforcers in Indonesia will act very sternly; no more tolerance. Many arrests will happen! I, God, will give the spirit of bravery to the enforcers of security and law!

For God’s people, Holy Spirit said, “Keep prophesying! Keep praying! Because prayers and prophecies have tremendous power to clean this nation from all wickedness. Even they are able to expose all schemes of the wicked which are being arranged in hidden places. Everything hidden we could listen in the spirit! And when we pray, we will shake their hiding places!

 Indonesia will be filled with the prophetic dimension! It will be like a covering veil which will guard this nation to stay in God’s control. It doesn’t matter how great the political and economic turmoil that will happen, Indonesia is still safe in God’s hand!

And I see in the spirit: there is a great wind from the north, south, east and west that is coming to our nation. That’s the wind of transformation that God is releasing! There are God’s angels in the wind which destroys evil spirits, rulers and powers of the air. Cleansing will keep happening because the prayers we lift will activate God’s angels. They will be sent by the Father to fight in the mighty atmosphere of prayer and prophecy.

Then I observed in the spirit realm. The wind is holding the “masses movement” from the regions of Indonesia!

Then God said, “I stop the mass influencers who create riot and commotion! It can’t happen anymore! The days of intimidation through the masses is over,” says the Lord! Let it be done over my nation in Jesus’ name!

From the prayer above, I am determined that starting from today, I will keep prophesying over Indonesia. And I will write down everything that God says! I will cover this nation with the prophetic dimension. It will give birth to the righteous and it will guide them! The righteous shall govern over this nation! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus