January 5, 2019

Abraham is the father of all believers and a prophet of God. As believers, through the redemption of Christ’s sacrifice, we are brought to be connected again with the blessing of Abraham: we receive the promised outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Gal 3:14, Acts 2:17-18). Therefore, to guard the existing spirit life, we must live the way Abraham lived.

As God’s prophet and friend, Abraham kept guarding himself to stay under divine influence: always experiencing the work of the word and Spirit burning within his heart. And so must we! We must guard the same DIVINE PATTERN.

Now I understand why the members of the first church, after receiving baptism in the name of Jesus (Acts 2:38), didn’t just stay passive and return to their hometown (for they are Jews that have been scattered to the nations (Acts 2:8-10)) – instead, they took a radical commitment to “devote themselves in the apostles’ teaching”! That’s why in just a short time, they experienced a drastic and dramatic change!

Acts 2:41-42 (NASB) So then, those who had received his word were baptized; and that day there were added about three thousand souls. They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

Holy Spirit urged and moved the apostles and all the congregation to build their whole lifestyle “under this divine influence.” They have prepared the most important infrastructure! They start to dismantle all old influences; all their paradigms, teachings received and their old convictions. And they start to baptize themselves in the word; they devote themselves in the apostles’ teaching to overhaul their convictions to the divine.

They also break bread and devote themselves in prayer and worship. This is part of “speaking by divine inspiration” in the life of first church members (Acts 2: 42, 47). As a result, their perseverance bears tangible fruit: their life is favored by God and man.

1. Through the training of building the inner man, we are building the prophetic dimension in our lives

Members of the first church are quickly conditioned by the Holy Spirit to “live in divine influence and speak by divine inspiration.” That’s why in these end times, God’s restoration of His church includes training, building and equipping believers to “build their inner man.”

Through the training, we are brought to experience the fullness of the Spirit outpouring by speaking in tongues (Acts 2: 16-18). And not stopping there, we are also trained to develop the tongues intensively and deeply through fervent prayer. Fervent prayer means we pray in tongues until our spirit is blazing, followed by receiving Spirit impression and learning to speak what we receive in the form of declaration or prophecy to build God’s people.

We are also trained to build the inspiration we receive to become permanent in our lives; until it forms the mind of Christ in our mind through the training of writing divine inspiration.

Other trainings include building the dimension of breakthrough worship. We build the life of a worshipper who is connected directly to the Throne Room, etc.

What we are doing is part of building the prophetic dimension and practicing them for real in our everyday life.

2. The Father’s desire is to pour out the prophetic dimension on all flesh

Acts 2:17-18 (NKJV) ‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, That I WILL POUR OUT OF MY SPIRIT ON ALL FLESH; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,

Your young men shall see visions, Your old men shall dream dreams. And on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days; And they shall prophesy.

Building the prophetic dimension is not limited for God’s servants or prophets only, but could be practiced by EVERYONE. His Word clearly says, “I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh”! Otherwise, it’s the devil’s lie that tries to limit the prophetic dimension to certain groups of people.

It’s the desire of God’s heart to bring us (mankind) to be connected again to Abraham’s blessing. Through the death and resurrection of Christ, we are brought to experience the reality of heaven on earth, breaking the effect of the fall. We are brought back to live as new creations, functioning as His sons on earth!

That’s why we need to build divine communication with the Father tangibly through this prophetic dimension. Without having the prophetic dimension built inside of us, we are like an ambassador sent from our country to another, but without being equipped with anything and without any means of communication. Then, what can the ambassador do while they don’t know their rights and responsibilities in the country? How could he testify and represent their country? Without being equipped and without means of communication, he is more fit to be called an “exile” rather than an “envoy.”

The same goes for us believers without the prophetic dimension! We don’t know what to do! We don’t know the Father’s agenda and assignment for us to do on earth. Why were we born, and what are we here for? We won’t know the answer because we’ve been disconnected from God! For sin was dispatched by the devil to disconnect us and make us far from God, so we become “exiles” on the face of this earth who live naturally and in worldliness.

We’ve lost our function and authority from God. That’s why we don’t know God’s agenda and our assignment and role in His Kingdom. It’s no wonder that the life of many believers become the devil’s toy!

However, the time for transformation has come! By building the prophetic dimension, we are being reconnected. We could once again “live under divine influence,” and re-experience the Father’s reality. Our communication channel with the Father becomes restored! We are carried to once again experience the reality of heaven on earth. We start to capture Heaven’s agenda once more, and we give ourselves to be equipped by His servants (Ephesians 4:11-12). So, with the Holy Spirit and our brothers, we could carry out the Father’s agenda on the face of this earth!

3. The more we persevere, the more sharpened the prophetic dimension in our life will be

The prophetic dimension could be trained and developed until it becomes one with us and operates in our everyday life. It’s not a dimension that perches on someone once in a while and leaves (like when God’s Spirit came upon Saul and he prophesied like the prophets (1 Sam 10:10, 1 Sam 19:20-21).

By persevering in building our inner man, we could sharpen our prophetic dimension from day to day. The important thing here is the DETERMINATION and PERSEVERANCE to keep training and developing the dimension. Realize that a piece of iron will never become a sword without being forged in fiery flames and grinded until sharp.

Therefore, we need to condition ourselves to always stay under divine influence and practice to speak by Spirit inspiration. Always spend time to train. And more importantly, have the heart attitude that wants to follow the trainings held by the spiritual house which has inherited God’s divine pattern. Within the house, there is a spiritual father who has been trained in the School of the Spirit; they could impart and activate the various work of the word and Spirit in their life into us.

After following the trainings, re-train ourselves and immerse in the message of our spiritual father. Through it, our prophetic dimension will become sharper. And Holy Spirit will bring our life to please the heart of God and man more and more! Our daily life will become more and more impactful!


Ps. Steven Agustinus