January 6, 2019

When I meditate further about the power and impact of our words and declaration, I understand this progressive understanding:

1. Man who eats the enemy’s word of lies is making themselves move from God’s world to the world of sin, but every word God releases will bring man to enter His world

I realize that the Devil has been defeated by Christ. Now, it only has one weapon left; lies (false words/deception). However, that one weapon is so ‘effective’ against mankind.

I realize that the only solution to overcome the enemy’s lies is to constantly interact with the Word; by building an accurate, progressive, and living relationship with the Father. I believe when I keep interacting with God and His Word, I will know Him more and more.

When I persevere in declaring His word once an hour, I’m truly conditioning myself to know His voice more and more. Therefore, when other voices come, and they are not aligned to the word, I could become so sensitive in discerning and rejecting them!

The only weapon that could fight lies (the Devil’s deception) is the truth! Without knowing The Word (truth), it will be very easy for us to believe the lies of the Devil.

2. The Devil’s world always makes man live in curse, but the Word we keep declaring will bring us to walk in His Highway of Holiness and continuous victory!

From today’s meditation, I found that the world of the Devil is filled with curse and death. I am also reminded that the Devil actually has no more power whatsoever to curse man with anything. The Devil couldn’t hinder us to receive Christ as our Lord and Savior. However, the Devil could make man (in his ignorance) to live under God’s curse through very simple means!

I found several ‘means’ of the Devil in making man unknowingly ‘position themselves’ to live under God’s curse:

a. Relying on self is already enough to position man to be cursed by God! (Jeremiah 17:5)

Every achievement of man, whether in academics or other fields, is often used by the Devil to cultivate arrogance and haughtiness in man. It makes man feel able without God. However, this very arrogance positions man as God’s enemy (Jam 4:6).

b. Having other desires than knowing God, living in His plans and doing His will!

From Philippians 3:10, I find several things that guard Paul so much to stay living in God’s favor:

-the desire to know Christ

-the desire to fellowship in His suffering (denying self and taking up the cross)

-the desire to die and rise with Christ (die to sin/the old life and live for God alone – Romans 6:11)

I will never allow other desires to live in my life – no attachments between me and this world whatsoever! Every ‘signals’ of offer from this world will never appeal to me. I don’t even need time to consider this world’s offer of success; the very moment it comes, the very moment I reject it completely! For all my feeling, emotion, mind, heart, and my whole life will only respond to the King!

c. So many work/responsibilities (busyness)

Holy Spirit revealed this one deception so strongly in my heart. It turns out, the promotions we receive can be used by the Devil to separate us from God and finally trap us to rely on ourselves again. The amount of responsibilities we have often makes us feel busy, and even ‘too busy’ until we no longer have the time to fellowship with the Father!

I am experiencing how the responsibilities being entrusted for me is so great and numerous. However, I thank God because Holy Spirit teaches me to realize more and more about this: the busier I am, the more should I stay longer in His presence! The more responsibilities I receive, the more I must persevere in the Word!

When meditating this, Holy Spirit reminded me about the Israelites when they were in Egypt, and was being forbid to worship God (regardless of the plagues that God sent over Egypt). Meditating on Exodus 8:25-28, I received the understanding that the worldly system will condition us to worship God ‘the way we like it’.

When Holy Spirit revealed this, the fire of Holy Spirit burns in me even more! I am determined to keep prioritizing my fellowship wit God, even though so many responsibilities are making me busy. I want to make sure that I’m never too busy to fellowship with the One whom I love so much! For my strength is in Him alone!

Furthermore, I truly believe in His word and promises that when I prioritize Him, I am positioning myself to receive God’s favor. Therefore, everything (all the things I need to do His entrusted agenda) will be added unto me! (Mat 6:33)

I believe when I prioritize God, I won’t be put to shame. Every struggle, challenges and responsibilities I have won’t destroy me. Instead, I will always experience breakthrough and victory. Because I keep living in Him, and the nature of Christ the Victor is manifesting inside me!

I will keep persevering and testify that God is upright and there is no unrighteousness in Him! (Ps 92:15).

Amen! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus