January 9, 2020

It turns out that the process of knowing God will increase along the revelation of our identity in Christ. So the more we pushing ourselves into His presence and knowing Him deeper, then from that moment we are in the process of the revealing of our true identity.


If people who do not know about God could “live in their identity” since their childhood, why we wouldn’t know our identity in God. Or we are still in doubt of His word. Even we often unsure to keep walking in our identity in Christ. As a result lives become unclear, unfocused, blunt and nothing.


I have started to see the “phase of increasing our confidence on our identity in Christ”. Usually there are many people in this phase finally falling off and turning to different ‘identity’ that the world offers. Because walking in the identity in Christ requires the death of flesh. Not famous, not considered and probably no one sees us. It’s only between God and us.


That’s when we have to ‘PERSEVERE’. Because that’s the crucial phase. The more our hearts are clean and pure (no ambition of fame, no desire of position/ title, no self-agenda) the more we will see our identity in Him! And stay focused on doing the ‘good work’ that God has assigned us to do.


The work might not make us to be famous, just do it faithfully. For we are not seeking for fame but God’s favor. As our hearts keep getting cleaner during the molding phase, God Himself will lift us high. On the “phase of us being known” by many people, our hearts will always be pure/clean. And the only thing we do is God’s agenda not ours.


We move not by our desire but at that moment we will play our part maximally to fulfill the heart of God. No more for ourselves but living for Him alone (the main priority is God and His agenda).


I’m getting to understand, the knowledge of God is the process of death of self and live for God alone, not others. If rigth now, we feel far from fame and ‘personal success’, it indicates that we are in the way of death! Give thanks and keep on going – rejoice in that way because it is the way that will make us rise up and bring a very strong impact. For no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me!!


Why did Gideon have to access the God’s great works that had ever accompanied Moses? He had to constantly focus and build his identity in God (Judges 6). When Gideon had been ‘CONFIDENT’ of his identity in God, from that moment he became a portal/access to the God’s great works to enter this earth. Gideon became a portal of God’s greatness who set free the Israel from the hand of Midianites.


I believe, we will be used again by God to be “His great portal”. Our part is : LIVE ONLY FROM OUR IDENTITY IN CHRIST!! And believe that, live our daily lives based on that things and be the best according to the identity that God has set! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus