July 14, 2018

Every direction from God – even the simplest ones – play a vital role in our spiritual growth. However, we often overlook those simple directions because unknowingly, we have become ‘familiar’ to the word we hear (considering them lightly).

I find that in every spiritual growth and position we enter, we will find progressive commands that lead us to the next spiritual growth. If we didn’t obey, our growth stucks there. If we obey, we will grow higher.

Usually, God’s directions lead us to crucify our flesh, surrender our rights, clear our relationship with others, change our lifestyle according to the truth, reassess our spiritual foundations, or to study certain part of the words. In principle, whatever the direction is, our part is to just OBEY!

To obey every direction that comes, we need to ask more of the spirit of the love of God. Because we could only obey when we love Him. If we still find ourselves struggling to obey, it shows that our level of love towards God is declining. It’s no use to force ourselves to obey without a heart that loves Him – we will fail in the end!

It’s better to quickly fix our heart’s condition. Ask His Spirit to stir the heart that loves Him! When our love for God can no longer be contained, our obedience will become perfect! Whatever the condition and situation, we will keep becoming a doer of the word!

Here is the way we stir our love towards Him:

1. Ask His Spirit to once again stir the dimension of love towards Him in our life

Holy Spirit will quickly give it to us. He will never delay in giving when our request is aligned with His will!

Signs when the Holy Spirit has given us the heart that loves Him include:

  • Our mind becomes focused to the word He is saying
  • Our spirit is blazing, together with the word that keeps flooding our mind
  • Our awareness of His reality becomes stronger and stronger, gripping our heart
  • Holy Spirit reveals the understanding and guidance for us to become doers of His word

2. Remember His goodness and love to us

Start to remember His sacrifice and participation in our daily life. In this manner, we will fully realize that we live today only because of His faithfulness. When that awareness fills our mind, the desire to make glad His heart will spring from our lives. That’s what will enable us to quickly and joyfully do His word.

Once again, I believe that we could only grow towards the likeness of Christ to reveal His glory on earth when we have a heart that loves Him!

John 14:21 (NASB) “He who has My commandments and keeps them is the one who loves Me; and he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and will disclose Myself to him.”


Ps. Steven Agustinus