July 18, 2018

Like it or not, every believer has to go through the process of formation; so there is no point running away from that process.

What exactly is the concrete form of formation process in everyday life?

1. God will expose our humane nature through stressful situations or conditions; make us feel treated unfairly, let down, abandoned, blamed; and at the end we feel left alone in facing the situation.

Usually if we react angrily, upset and intend to take revenge then God will make the purification process become longer. Because there is still a lot of dirt (inaccurate heart attitudes) that must be cleaned. In fact we will see that the situations and conditions get worst and harder to bear!

2. There will be situations where we cannot depend on anyone, other than God.

All doors seem shut, no solution can be found, and no one intent to help us. In that kind of situation we can only shout to God. If we grumble, get angry at God and question His faithfulness, then the purification process will be extended. And the fire of purification will get hotter!

3. God will bring us to a certain place/community/group of people who walks in God’s agenda and also live in the death of the flesh.

In that place we will be purified by the work of the Spirit and the word. Personal agendas, personal ambitions, as well as flesh desires will be exposed by the word and also through interaction with those people. If we do not immediately adjust our lives and be part of His agenda; not leaving personal ambitions and flesh desires, then our way will be further away from the way of God. So the world system will always enslave us; the evil days and perilous times will destroy our lives.

How can we get through the purification/forming process with the right response?

1) Everyone who wants to be the instrument of righteousness in God’s hands must go through that process.

So do not feel that you are the only one who have to go through ‘the valley of the shadow of death’. Keep in mind, if many people can pass that stage well, then we have to follow the same successful footsteps! Never surrender or give up! Make sure we keep moving and faithful to Him!

2) Forgive those who did evil to us, and do not forget to ask for forgiveness from those who clashed with us!

We can pass the purification process quickly and precisely according to God’s pattern if we have the humility to forgive and to ask for forgiveness, and also have the love for others! By doing that we can get rid of our flesh desires and we can manifest Christ through our lives.

3) Keep the living fellowship with God

No matter the situations or conditions we face, keep the living fellowship with God. That is the time we can get the strength and determination to hold on and move forward in the purification process that God has for us. At that moment we can strongly feel the reality of His presence and His love! So we will realise that He never leaves us! We will understand that the condition that we face is the work of His hand to purify our lives!

In the living fellowship, we can ask the Father in heaven to fix our lives! To transform our hearts and to teach us His ways! So we can say like Jesus said in Mark 14:36 (NKJV): And He said, “Abba, Father, all things are possible for You. Take this cup away from Me; nevertheless, not what I will, but what You will.”

We often keep asking the Father to lift us from the purification process because we cannot stand it anymore. It shows that the process is not done yet. But when we realise that God wants us to walk only in His will and from our mouths come this statement: “not what I will, but what You will”; it shows that we no longer have personal ambition, ego, and flesh desire! Then God will lift us to become the noble instruments to fulfil His will!

4) Make sure we are accurately connected with a spiritual home that walk in God’s agenda and accurately connected with a spiritual father.

Although we have to walk on the process ‘alone’, but at least because of the covenant we have, then we can get the footprints of and look at the divine pattern of our spiritual father. We can just follow his heart attitude, his point of view and we can go through the process with a gentle, teachable heart and willingness to change, not with a spirit of rebellion!

I believe, if we continue to follow the ways of God in the process, then He will raise us up to be someone who shows the glory of Christ and His power from the most high!

Ps. Steven Agustinus