July 26, 2018

If we observe, before God called Abram (Abraham) to do his prophetic journey/journey of faith, the same calling has come Terah’s life (Gen 11:31). If we calculate since Shem (Noah’s son) fathered Arphaxad until Terah fathered Abram, Nahor & Haran, there are 8 generations with the total of 295 years. So it can be said that before Terah took his children out of Ur, Abram had the chance to interact with Shem, his great-grandfather, and even Noah who died 530 years after the flood (Gen 9:28-29). So, Terah’s journey of faith with his children is by the knowledge and permission of his forefathers.

Interestingly, although Terah received God’s instruction to leave Ur, but he failed to finish his faith journey.

1. Terah (from the Hebrew word: Terach – read: Teh’-rakh) has the meaning Delay or Postponement

In our faith journey, we must not delay in the slightest. This is the importance of having a heart that always incline towards God’s truth – willing to die, to believe God even when it doesn’t make sense, and willing to let go of everything for Him and the fulfillment of His plans. We must quickly remove every situation, condition, and circumstances that potentially delay us to walk in God’s instructions!

2. Terah ‘delays’ his journey of faith due to inner conflicts that he failed to completely overcome

Before Terah’s family received God’s call to leave Ur, there is a tragedy that befalls their family: the death of Haran (Gen 11:28). And when Terah answered God’s call and walked, He reached Haran – a city with the same name of his deceased son. This stirred all kinds of negative emotions in Terah’s heart. The inner emotional struggle made him ‘delay’ his journey of faith. Terah stayed in Haran until the day of his death (Gen 11:31-32).

This is the importance of having a heart attitude that is willing to die, to believe God even when it doesn’t make sense, and to let go of everything for Him (all-out). Without an all-out heart attitude, it is easy for believers to experience inner struggle/conflicts, and raging negative emotions which lead them towards wrong decisions. In the end, we could delay, or even abort our journey of faith.

God has planted many believers in His house so they could partake in God’s movement and walk in the journey of faith. However, how many of them finally abort their journey merely due to feeling offended, disappointed, hurt, and the like.

3. Even Abram almost destroyed his journey of faith with his wife, Sara, only because of his selfishness that is yet to be overcome (Gen 12:10-13, 20:1-18)

Once again, we need an all-out heart attitude to walk in this journey of faith (following God’s directions). Because we will face many challenges, temptations, and hindrances set by the enemy to divert us from our path. Without an all-out heart attitude, the flesh, our humanity, and worldliness will always have the opportunity to manifest in our daily life.

Always remember, we must not violate the covenant we’ve made with God and His truth. Our life is not our own; we are His (Rom 6:18, 1 Cor 6:19-20, 7:23, 1 Pet 1:18-19).

4. Always beware of human considerations, for they have been proven capable to divert God’s perfect plan and design for us (Gen 16:1-3, Deut 1:20-33)

When Abram accepted his wife’s advice to take Hagar, Ishmael was born.

When Moses accepted the elders’ advice, the ten spies made the whole Israel lose heart in the end. They lost the grace to believe in His word. As a result, the whole Israel circled the wilderness for 40 years.

Again, this is why we need to have an all-out heart attitude in walking the journey of faith. It will save us from being trapped by following the counsel of the wicked, human reasoning, or the wisdom of this world!

We know that the world becomes increasingly chaotic due to Ishmael’s birth, and Israel lost a whole generation because they refuse to believe in God’s word (trusting more on the word of man than the voice of God).

5. Make sure that our level of dependence upon God keeps growing; the heart attitude of loving God more than anything becomes stronger in governing our heart (Gen 22:1-18, Jer 17:5-8)

Although Isaac is the fulfillment of God’s promise, but Abraham still loves God more – the One who has given Isaac to him. Abraham still believe that even though Isaac dies as an offering, God is able to bring Isaac back from the dead. Abraham knows that regardless of all, Isaac is the son of covenant according to His promise (Heb 11:17-19).

Abraham has grown, having the all-out heart attitude towards God and the fulfillment of His plan. Abraham trusted God for the fulfillment of the promises he received, because God is the one who has given those promises. Abraham believed that God is able to fulfill what He promised.

Through Abraham’s all-out heart attitude, God himself promised to bless him, Isaac and their descendants. God even promised that their descendants will possess the gate of their enemies. It is through their descendants that God will bless all the nations of the earth (Gen 22:15-18).

Ask God to give us a heart attitude that is willing to die, to believe God even when it doesn’t make sense, and to let go of everything for Him and the fulfillment of His plans. Then, let us start our journey of faith with Him. #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus