July 31, 2018

When someone receives God’s word, there is a divine influence and the work of the word and Spirit that occurs within them. Next, they must make sure that the work of the word and Spirit keeps influencing them with increasing intensity for a certain period of time.

We can say that someone has transformed when they keep experiencing the work of the word and Spirit until they have a new habit/lifestyle. It means there are certain areas in their life that has changed permanently because the word has touched it (Rom 12:1-3)!

When the word comes upon someone, they are responsible to condition the word to raise a new habit/lifestyle in their life. Because when someone receives a word revelation from God, the person could respond to the word indifferently. If that’s the case, the word will only pass through without bringing any impact or transformation.

The case is different when someone respond seriously towards the proceeding word by constantly meditating, praying, and declaring the word until their spirit is stirred. They will experience how the word activates the ‘anointing that abides within us’ (1 John 2:27). The anointing talks about the reality of the spirit of Christ that Father gives to us (Rom 8:9, Col 1:27)The spirit of Christ/‘anointing that abides within us’ will give us instructions on how to apply the word principle that God has revealed so it could become a new lifestyle/habit in us.

When the word doesn’t work to such an extent until it mutates into a new habit/lifestyle, it means the process of ‘metamorphoo’hasn’t occurred within a person’s life. The word they received becomes no more than a mere discourse/information. The word hasn’t become flesh!

1. Without the word manifesting into a new habit/lifestyle, a ‘different man’ will never be born

The source of this world’s problems are people who live in inaccuracy; the only solution is people who live differently. Therefore, the solution the world needs is a different people who no longer carry the pattern of this world; their life is continuously aligned with the word that proceeds and talks to their life.

When we seriously ‘devote ourselves to the apostles’ teaching’ (Acts 2:42), our mindset/perspective will start to transform. We will start to adopt the mind of Christ. Our heart attitude will be continuously transformed as well, inclining more and more towards the truth. Automatically, every decision we make will be influenced by the truth that is working within our lives! From the different decision-making, we will have a different habit – a divine lifestyle starts to be built in certain aspects of our life! The new habit/lifestyle will seal the process of transformation (‘metamorphoo’) in that aspect. And so, God will continue to do the same in other aspects of our life.

2. Our new habit/lifestyle will position us to become role models who inspire/influence others who interact with us

Transformation by the word could only impact others when it turns into a new habit/lifestyle. In order to do so, we must condition ourselves to keep being influenced by the work of the word and Spirit until the new habit/lifestyle is born.

The new, word-aligned habit/lifestyle will guard us from the evil influence of this world. It will guard us from sliding back into worldly/carnal lifestyle. The new lifestyle will start to make us partakers of the divine nature (2 Pet 1:3-4).

Those who partake in the divine nature will show the impact of the transformation they experienced to those who interact with them. When the seed (the word) has grown into a tree and bear fruit, people could easily evaluate the fruit and decide whether they like it or not. If they like it and desire to have the same ‘fruits’, all we need to do is to invite them to follow the same footsteps that we have gone through.

3. When the word has become a new habit/lifestyle to the point where people want to adopt the same thing, the habit/lifestyle will start to become a culture

A culture has the power to mold and change people. Imagine when a group of people who are not used to queuing comes to a country with a queuing culture. Automatically, they will que like the residents of the country. How could that be? That’s the power of culture!

Imagine if every word principle starts to be built into a culture in a community of believers. I believe that the culture of the Kingdom could quickly be adopted by many people who are interacting with those believers.

So far, it’s a shame that most cultures that are built around believers are religious – they don’t give any inspiration/impact to the society at all.

The word God gives is always tied to our daily life. So, make sure that the seed of the word mutates into a new habit/lifestyle in our lives. Then, transmit it to as many people as possible until it becomes a culture – the culture of the Kingdom of Heaven! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus