June 05, 2019

God makes me realize more and more about the importance of constantly conditioning our mind, emotion & body to stay enveloped within the reality of God’s presence. The enemy will keep trying through any means to make our mind and emotions ‘taste’ negative things once again. It can’t be denied that negative things are around us, just like viruses. However, it doesn’t mean that we can get sick easily just because they’re around!


Face it: we can’t really live in a ‘sterile’/’virus-free’ environment. Whether we like it or not, we live side by side with viruses. However, we could maintain and increase our level of immunity and fitness, so none of the viruses around us could make us sick!


The following are several things which will guard us from the shadows of the Devil’s work and influence:


1. Keep building divine logic in our lives.


Divine logic is a way of thinking which is in line with principles of God’s word. It functions just like a body’s immune system which protects us from viruses. But instead of physical viruses, divine logic protects us from spiritual viruses (various deceptions of the enemy).


A person will have an emotional condition akin to a roller-coaster – going up and down drastically – when their mind and logic has been hijacked by the enemy! It’s very easy for various negative emotions to flood them. The enemy’s work could even spread to their physical body; many serious diseases actually start from a simple emotional problem (which once again, is sourced from the mind).


In short, we can say that believers’ everyday battlefield is in the mind. So, how do we build divine logic in our lives? First, we need to continuously straighten the ways of our thinking according to God’s word. Then, we should also make the word as our only reference for every aspect in life. If we do so, the control over our emotions and body will automatically stay ‘in our hands’.


By having divine logic, the source of our joy, peace, and victory will no longer be determined by external things; it now comes from the work of God’s word and Spirit within us!

2. Persevere in disciplining ourselves and conditioning our mind, emotions, and physical body to always be ‘baptized in the reality of God’s presence’.


Holy Spirit kept reminding me: every day, before I start my activities, I must get used to interacting with the reality of God’s presence. Holy Spirit moved me to discipline myself by starting to dance, jump, and rejoice in Him (although I usually start doing it without feeling any enthusiasm at all).


This is where the principle of ‘walking in faith’ is crucial. It doesn’t matter what we ‘feel’, we must start to walk in faith; follow God’s direction to dance, jump, and rejoice. When we walk in faith, we may start from a simple step of obedience regardless of what we feel. However, it will bring us to experience God’s word and Spirit conditioning us to enjoy our portion of revival for that day!


It is the will of the Father to cleanse and bring to life the area of our mind, emotion, and physical body by the work of His word and Spirit! So that one day, He could use us to reveal His divinity and glory on the face of this earth! #iLoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus