June 12, 2019

This is the continuation of yesterday’s message.


2. The area of imagination gives man the ability to ‘travel’ to their past and future.


A person’s imagination is very tremendous indeed. It has the ability to carry a person into their past, and it could even bring someone to ‘taste’ their future! That’s why the Devil keeps trying through all means to take over and corrupt man’s imagination.


After the fall (Gen 3), the enemy conditions mankind to always react negatively according to their emotions. Through unhoped/unwanted situations, the enemy wants to make negative emotions rage within a person. Then, the enemy exploits the negative emotion to corrupt the person’s sane mind and mental perception. The person will start to plan wrong/evil things, and the enemy will build all kinds of excuses and arguments to justify it.


That’s what exactly happened to Cain and Abel. The Bible wrote that both of them gave their offering to God. However, Cain’s offering was rejected, while Abel’s was accepted by God (Gen 4:3-5). Cain experienced an unwanted circumstance; his offering was ‘rejected’ by the Lord. However, Cain didn’t repent and learn to prioritize God in his next offerings. Cain responded in anger, and he let the enemy exploit that negative emotion! “His countenance fell” – this shows that Cain didn’t quickly deal with the raging negative emotions in his heart, even after God reprimanded and warned him (Gen 4:5-7)!


Cain’s passiveness in controlling his imagination resulted in the negative emotions dragging him deeper into the enemy’s snare! If Cain quickly governed his imagination, the reality of God rejecting his offering could lead to his repentance and change; next time Cain offers something to the Lord, he could prioritize Him!


Unfortunately, Cain didn’t discipline his imagination. His negative emotions start to went out of control. It makes Cain lost his objectiveness in assessing everything. As a result, Cain didn’t evaluate himself and change; instead, he became jealous and blamed Abel. 


Cain’s imagination starts to be ruled by the enemy. In turn, the Devil exploited Cain’s imagination to plot what it wants to do; kill Abel. Cain’s imagination gave him the power to taste his future. Shamefully, Cain was so overcome by negative emotions that the ‘future plan’ he has for Abel made him a murderer! 


Through what Cain and Abel went through, Holy Spirit taught me to use the power of imagination accurately:


a. Use the power of imagination to ‘travel back in time’ and ‘cut off the shadows of the past’ which still haunt us until this day.


If at this moment we keep on falling, surely it is caused by the unfinished shadows of the past. Although we’ve tried to grow in the Lord, it seems that we keep on falling in the same sin. It doesn’t matter how many breakthroughs we’ve experienced, combined with God’s presence and reality continuously covering us, it seems we could easily fall in that same aspect over and over again.


If that’s the case, it means the enemy has successfully ‘planted’ something in our lives through what we experience, see, or feel. They infiltrate from the opening in our ‘gates of life’, and grow before finally controlling our lives!


So, this is what we should do. Enter His presence and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to us specifically: which past incident is used by the enemy to plant its ‘control’ over our life? Recognize it and take action through prayer.


Usually, Holy Spirit will bring us to ride our ‘vehicle of imagination’ to travel to the past. Then by His help, we could see what actually happened in our lives objectively. Then Holy Spirit will bring us to respond in repentance (or other accurate responses depending on what we experienced). And finally, Holy Spirit will guide us to pull out that inaccuracy we’ve done, and then settle it in the redemption of the blood of the lamb.


Remember, inaccuracies we haven’t dealt with could always become a gap for the Devil to enter. Bring our inaccuracies in prayer and repentance, and the power of the blood will activate and close that gap in our lives (Isaiah 1:18, 1 John 1:7-10).




This message will be continued tomorrow.


Ps. Steven Agustinus