June 13, 2019

This is the final part of the past several days’ message.


b. Use the power of imagination to revive & guard our passion and power of will.


When God gives His word promises, He is trying to show us the future He has designed for us. When we could ‘see’ the kind of future He has planned, automatically, our passion and enthusiasm will rise to reach that future. The power of our heart’s determination and will also surges, motivating us to get out of our comfort zone. We are enabled to pay whatever price it takes!


Without using the power of imagination to revive ‘the power of will’, our passion will tend to be ‘lukewarm’. We’ll stay imprisoned in our comfort zone, declining all kinds of sacrifice and responsibility required to reach that future and dream.


People with strong determination are the only ones who could break through the ‘prison of comfort zone’ and keep moving forward to reach the brilliant future God has promised through His word! Meanwhile, those with temporary passion will see their life circling the same place over and over again.


So, imagine His word and promises as detailed as possible! Make sure that the passion and power of will in our life ignites until it gives us enough driving force to reach our future!


c. Use the power of imagination to arrange our ways of living today, so we could reach a better future.


It’s not enough to enjoy the surge of enthusiasm because we could see what the Father has prepared. We should also take all the responsibility and pay all the price required. That’s why we need to build the power of determination in our lives first.


How can we build the power of determination? By imagining God’s promises and continuously talk about it! This will build the needed power of will to drive us out of the comfort zone towards the future. Every step towards the future demands us to throw away/sacrifice certain things that are ‘not suitable’ to be carried to the future.


For example: God convinced me that through my life & ministry, He is raising up the church which will transform cities; He will raise up believers to be influential, renowned and respected in this nation! That’s why Holy Spirit also emphasized that there are certain areas in my life that must be ‘thrown away’ because it’ll only become a ‘burden’ in the future.


According to Holy Spirit’s direction, I start to scrape off certain habits such as watching TV for too long, scrolling through social media updates, etc. Even more, Holy Spirit directed me that I must sharpen the area of my imagination again. All of this put certain demand in my life. However, when I keep following the guidance of His Spirit, I find that whatever kind of responsibilities, sacrifice, and ‘price’ that I must pay, I could do them without struggle!


The power of imagination truly helps me to recognize the ways of God which I must go through, while conditioning me to always have the strength I need to walk towards the future! #iLoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus