June 16, 2018

This message continues from the previous devotion.

2. A spiritual son could graft their father’s spiritual frequency by using their father’s message as the core of their prayers, declaration, prophecies, and personal meditation

The son’s aggresiveness to ‘pursue’ their spiritual father is the most important essence for a spiritual duplication to take place:

a. Valuing the father’s spiritual life as something special

We will never want to ‘pursue’ something that is not valuable in our sight, moreover to sacrifice ourselves for it. That’s why we firstly need a heart that inclines towards the truth. By having such a heart, it is easy for us to recognize the divine pattern in a spiritual father’s life.

Not all leaders have went through a molding process in their lives. Not all leaders have acquired a divine life pattern. If we found a leader/spiritual father with a divine life pattern, we must start opening ourselves and receive them sincerely. Therefore, we could start to adopt the divine pattern that has been built in their life.

b. Follow closely the footsteps of our spiritual father by trying to graft their heart attitude, convictions and lifestyle/habits

The core of a person’s life is in their heart attitude, convictions, and lifestyle. By grafting those aspects of a spiritual father’s life, automatically, the same work of the word and Spirit will spread into our life. We could inherit the same spiritual frequency like the one that God has built in the spiritual father’s life. The same kind of word and promises that came and worked in the father’s life will start to become our portion and work in our lives.

Elisha inherited a double portion of Elijah’s spirit because Elisha followed Elijah’s life closely. Elisha is different from the sons of prophets who knew that Elijah will be taken up, but only followed him from afar (2 Kings 2:1-15).

God is willing for the same work of the word and Spirit in a spiritual father to also work in their spiritual sons’ lives (Is 59:21).

c. Having the openness to the work of the Holy Spirit when He plants our father’s dream as a vision in our life

When the people starts to have a full openness and sincere acceptance of their spiritual father, it will be easy for the congregation to receive the work of the Spirit. Holy Spirit will turn the dreams of a spiritual father into a vision for his spiritual sons. The vision will keep speaking into their lives, giving them the urge and direction to represent their spiritual father in certain domains.

No more spiritual passiveness or stagnation. All our energy, resources and time as a son could be focused to realize the vision we have received! As a son, we no longer need to struggle in finding a vision in life. Just by opening ourselves to pray for the dreams of our spiritual father, Holy Spirit will slowly but surely prepare us to enter and overcome many domains.

d. Persevere in the process of dismantling and re-building our spirit’s nature and mind, both by the power of the word and Spirit, and through the various circumstances that God allow in our daily lives

From God’s side, when He released His word or promise to His chosen people, everthing is done. Now, the word or promise is moving, looking for people whom He could form to become the carrier of that message in their generation.

Give ourselves to undergo various processes and trials from the word we have received. His grace will enable us to face all of them and to come out as a victor.

Many church members and spiritual sons lack awareness of these molding processes. They think that simply by knowing about God’s promises, they will automatically be fulfilled.

The gap between ‘God’s promises’ and the ‘fulfillment of the promise’ is quite wide. The gap could only be bridged by ‘perseverance’ (Acts 2:42).

Spiritual sons need perseverance to adopt the life of their spiritual father. Perseverance is also needed to undergo all the molding process until the same divine nature in the spiritual father is established permanently in the life of their spiritual sons.

I believe, now is the time for God’s people to start giving their spiritual father a special place in their heart. They will experience the reality of God’s word and Spirit working within them, positioning them as renowned, respected, and honored people in their city (or in certain domains at minimum). God’s people will have the freedom to partake in bringing in His Kingdom. #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus