June 17, 2018

This morning I woke up with a question in mind:

Truly, what is the most essential element to enable a person to live victoriously in all things? The question kept ringing in my mind, as if conditioning me to quickly look for its answer.

1. To have a daily life that is victorious in all things, we must firstly live with a victorious spirit

When someone experienced God’s touch, their spirit man will be free and blazing. Their life is within the power, control, and influence of the Holy Spirit who touched them. It’s this fiery, fresh, free and enthusiastic condition that must be guarded. Such is a free and victorious spirit. It is mandatory for all believers to live their daily life with such spirit.

The problem is, various negative facts often distract the eyes of our heart easily. Meanwhile, the eyes of our heart should always be fixed on God’s word, not the negative facts before our eyes.

So beware of diversion in our life’s focus! Once we enjoy a victorious spirit, never allow the enemy to distract our heart and mind’s focus from God’s word, truth and presence that He has revealed to us.

Whatever negative fact that happens, keep speaking and declaring God’s word. It will guard the exising fire of enthusiasm, freedom and freshness in our spirit. 

2. Every day, start our day from the point of victory that God has given

Start our day by declaring the victory that Christ has achieved through His death, ressurection and His now-glorified existence! Speak the last word or promise that we received from the Holy Spirit.

Our mood and emotion in the morning doesn’t matter. Use our mouth to declare the victory that Christ has given to us as His body on this earth. Do it until our spirit man is blazing with full power.

Always remember: the moment we start our daily routine, there is the broken world system, influence of worldly spirits, the evil days, difficult times, and fiery arrows of the enemy – all of them will try to influence and mold our life according to what they want.

Death and darkness is everywhere, trying to snatch the divine life within us. We have no excuse to be weak, distracted, or to allow even the smallest gap to exist.

We need the word that proceeds from God’s mouth as a ‘fuel’ in our life, to keep our divine light blazing fully in our daily activities. 

3. We need continuous self-training and discipline to make sure that the nature of our mind is always focused on His truth

Paul used soldiers, athletes and farmers to illustrate the daily discipline we must do (2 Tim 2:3-7).

Although not in battle, a soldier will stay cautious and disciplined, functioning according to their hierarchy and responsibility. Athletes hone their skill and ‘power’ outside of championships, so when the day comes, they are superior compared to their opponents.

Persevere and observe the spiritual seasons that we must go through. Fill them accurately with beneficial activities and routine. Automatically, we will enjoy our own hard work.

Living victoriously in all aspects (every day) is not for lazy and spoiled Christians. Such life will only be enjoyed by believers who want to discipline themselves and persevere to stay connected with the throne room, and to guard themselves to stay accurate and in harmony with the agenda of God’s Kingdom! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus