June 18, 2020

Proverbs 4: 18 (NKJV) But the path of the just is like the shining sun, That shines ever brighter unto the perfect day.


When the world keeps shaking and declining, God’s promise on that verse will never fail. When our lives keep walking in God’s way and His truth (live to please God’s heart) we will automatically grow and keep going up – never going down, shining ever brighter. That’s God’s decree and statute that cannot be challenged by this world. 


The fact and condition that exist are forcing us to trust and believe that ‘our lives are declining’ (being affected by the turbulence). But never trust that fact!! We are living in a different world where ‘the gravity of life’ and the world turbulence cannot affect us. 


What if because one and other thing we experience decline or turbulence? 


1. Realize that everything is in God’s control.


Maybe because ‘we walk in our own ways’ makes us stumbled by various problems and turbulences. But realize that the faithful God will reach (save) and strengthen us. So, everything is in God’s control. Our part to do next is: Again hear what He speaks  and obey His Word. Remove all kinds of love of self, love of money and love of this world. Reset our life frequency to focus on His truth.   


Psalms 37: 23-24 (ERV) The Lord shows us how we should live, and he is pleased when he sees people living that way.  If they stumble, they will not fall, because the Lord reaches out to steady them.


2. Realize that the evil things that happen in our lives still work together for good for us.


Romans 8: 28 (Simple Indonesian Translation 2) Now we know that for all of us who love Him, God always sets all things we experience and face in order to bring good for us. Because we are His chosen people according to His plan. 


All attempts of the enemy will be turned by God to lift us high that make us stronger than before, we become renowned, respected and influential people. The enemy indeed designs the evil things for us but God’s plan is more powerful to be fulfilled. Remember the story of Joseph. Apparently, his life was getting worse. He was thrown into a pit, sold to Egypt as a slave, slandered by Potiphar’s wife, put into a prison. But all of that was taking and getting him closer to be the ruler in Egypt.


What we need to do is keep our heart on loving God. Never think falsely of God and other people ((Philippians 4: 8). Continue to set our mind and heart on the truth so our life frequency can always be connected with God’s voice (our spirit blazed – Romans 8: 26-27). This will bring us to enter His eternal plan and nothing can hinder and block God’s plan. In a very night, everything will change in His sovereignty that God sets us to become renowned, respected and influential people.


3. Do not divide God with our narrow thinking and do not limit Him with our limitations, neither doubt Him for our weaknesses that we still need to overcome.


Realize that He is a sovereign God. If He intends and acts so nothing can ever hinder Him to do so. His Words must prevail and never fail (Isaiah 55: 10-11). Our part is trust Him that He is able to do impossible possible. Be sure that He will bring us to be His representatives on this earth and grow to be like Christ. That’s our glorious future.  


We will declare His glory, greatness and wonder of His power on this earth. All calamities and negative facts that we are still facing at this moment will never fail God’s plan. He has a lot of ways to make us overcome all negative facts, promote and set us high above. Our part is trust Him as the unlimited God! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus