June 2, 2020

I believe, when God encourages us to continually enter into His presence, the work of the word and the Spirit will be released intensely in our lives.


The Holy Spirit will reveal God’s promises about our future and His plan for us, so we can have a strong conviction (there is a life of faith that begins to be imparted into our lives!). God has always design thoughts of peace and a future of hope.


Jeremiah 29:11 (NET) For I know what I have planned for you, ’says the Lord. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.


Jeremiah delivered the above prophecy to the Jews who were scattered in exile in Babylon.  The entire kingdom of Judah was conquered and destroyed by the kingdom of Babylon because of the sins and evil things they committed before the Lord. The voice of God came to them, when they experienced the most painful situation.


God told the Jews, who was scattered because of the disobedience of the leaders and rulers of the kingdom of Judah, to rise in the spirit and have hope over their future in His promises!


Sometimes, as God’s people, we also have to bear the negative consequences of our family members inaccurate actions.


However, God wants to give the promise of His faithfulness to us: “I have always designed thoughts of peace and a future of hope for you! Don’t lose hope, even if you have to face negative consequences because of someone else’s mistakes, and it feels so unfair. But you have to know that My righteousness will always be upon you. I will make your life special and different from the others! Learn from Daniel. He lived in My truth but he became an outcast because of the inaccuracies of the leaders of the kingdom of Judah. But I made his life special and different from the others. In Babylon, I made him the servant of the king and I promoted him to become an important person in the kingdom of Babylon! If you think that life is not fair and you feel imprisoned because of someone else’s mistake, don’t lose hope as I will recompense you according to your righteousness and obedience (Psalm 18:20-26). I will do the same to you as I did to Daniel. My Spirit will be upon you and bring promotion into your life. I will place and raise your seat of power, so you can rule among your enemies in a place where many people say that your enemies rule.”


Stay obedient and live your life accurately! Continue to enter into His presence and receive the measure of faith that will bring great breakthroughs now and in the future.


Ps. Steven Agustinus