June 2, 2021

One word of prophecy contains the power that can directly affect one’s subconscious mind. When prophecies are delivered, directly or indirectly, we are actually connecting the voice of God that comes with the factor of God’s existence that is in the life of every human being.


All men must have ‘one space’ in their mind which can only be filled by the existence of God, and can only be accessed directly through their subconscious mind. So, by touching the ‘special room for God’ in someone’s life, we can directly touch and fix his subconscious area of the person concerned.


1. By continuing to train spiritual man’s senses, we will be able to detect the presence of someone who is interacting with us. And at the same time, we can also ask God to give His Word regarding the existence or needs that he has.


2. Before we release the prophetic message that God gave, if possible, condition him to be willing to pray together or willing to pray for.


3. An atmosphere of prayer will condition him so that he has a subconscious mind that is open and ready to receive input.


4. The prophecies we release should be conveyed directly using the first person pronoun (“I tell you …”) and delivered in the form of Present Tense (after all, the way the subconscious mind works is always responding and receiving ‘data in Present Tense form).


5. Encourage him to continue to imagine and speak what has been prophesied as a reality that has been fulfilled.


6. Make sure our emotions are involved and continue to develop in a positive way, because positive emotional support will accelerate changes in our subconscious mind.


7. Continue to dig into the understanding of the Word and find more verses of the Word that explain the essence of the prophecy that has been received. Follow the leading of the Spirit which gives understanding about the part we really have to do.



Ps Steven Agustinus