June 21, 2018

One time, I read the testimony of several people who watched a Christian movie. They testified about how their struggle, suffering and life adversities are represented in the movie, and watching it relieved their hearts.

Reading the testimony, I reflected for a while. It turns out that many believers are living their daily life while carrying many wounds in their heart. The wounds could be caused by the process of flesh crucifixion that they must go through, or because of their inaccuracies which caused them to go through various uncomfortable consequences.

Whatever caused the believers’ wound, one thing is for sure: as long as they live their daily life while carrying the wounds, they will never truly experience breakthrough and victorious living in all aspects.

1. A believer’s inner wound will keep influencing their decision-making

It’s always possible for those who carry inner conflict to create inaccurate decisions.

Usually, inner wounds are highly tied with how others treated them. Usually, the believers let the wounds to stay open and to be ‘buried’ by time. In other words, their wounds were never clearly addressed.

One time, when the wounded believer interacts with someone or a situation that reminds them about what wounded them (although it happened long ago), suddenly, the same pain they felt arise. For sure, this will incite certain reactions (usually negative). So, when they have to take a decision in that moment, almost surely, they couldn’t make an accurate decision. Because they are being deeply influenced by all kinds of trauma from their past experience.

2. Even when the wounded believer rises to be a leader, they will become a leader who harbors wound as long as they are not completely healed

Imagine a believer who wholeheartedly pursue after their heart’s passion, but still carrying all kinds of wound, grudge and problems against others. When they successfully reached what they dreamed, they are actually positioning themselves in danger. They are still carrying their wounds, and now they are in a position where they could influence others through their decisions.

The Devil could easily influence the believer to create all kinds of decisions and actions that are sourced from their past trauma. Usually, leaders who still carry past trauma and wounds are those who damage the ‘balance of life’ in the community and environment they are in.

3. Inner wounds could be healed and people could be restored into wholeness when they encounter the Father and become filled with His love

God desires to heal those who are hurt by the words or actions of others. However, the person firstly need an openness to release forgiveness, and to forget whatever action that others have done to them.

Releasing forgiveness to those who have wronged us is an action to heal ourselves from all kinds of wound and trauma. It could even be said that without releasing forgiveness, it will be difficult for us to feel the love of the Father. Our life will always be dragged towards the negative. All kinds of terrible and unpleasant events will keep coming into our lives.

On the other hand, if we release forgiveness, we are cutting off the cycle of death from our lives. At the same time, we are activating the cycle of life within. Now, nothing could hold us back from growing and bearing fruit for the kingdom of God. #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus