June 25, 2018

This morning, God gave a verse for our declaration: Philippians 1:6 being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ

As human, it is normal if we pursuit for a quiet, peaceful and happy life. We can have it if we set our lives accurately, keep aligning our lives with the truth and what we do is His eternal kingdom’s agenda. In an accurate and peaceful life we ​can build and expand the influence of His kingdom through our daily lives.

But sometimes, there will always be challenges (opposition) that Satan does to suppress or minimize the influence of the kingdom that is manifested from our lives through all sorts of ways. Therefore, our focus is easily diverted and distracted from the initial focus, the Kingdom of Heaven, to get rid of the distraction from the evil one.

And indeed this ‘Distraction’ weapon has often been successfully utilized by the evil one to suppress and weaken the impact of the Kingdom that has been manifested through the life of the believers. For some reason, believers become fear, anxious, depressed and intimidated by the challenges of the evil.

Paul asserted: I am absolutely sure – from the Greek word: peithō , which means: successfully convinced by a person, the Father in Heaven through His Holy Spirit has given me a guarantee that what He has begun is unstoppable!

God is releasing the same strong conviction that Paul has to each one of us!  It doesn’t matter what Satan is doing to suppress the influence of the Kingdom that is being manifested through our lives, because what God has begun, will continue to grow and multiply!

So, do not over react to the distraction of the enemy. Learn to see things from God’s point of view! When Goliath intimidated Israel in the battle between Philistine and Israel, even King Saul himself was frightened when he heard the voice of Goliath (1 Samuel  17:10-11). The reason is because they compared themselves with Goliath who is indeed the descendant of giants.

But look at David, when he heard the challenge from Goliath, instead of being afraid, he became angry (1 Samuel 17: 23-26). In facing Goliath, David did not rely on his own strength. He faced Goliath in the name of God (1 Samuel 17: 45-47), which means, David didn’t compare himself who was little with Goliath who was giant; but He compared Goliath with God who had anointed him! God’s plan upon David’s life becomes closer to fulfilment through his encounter with Goliath!

Believe that God is using every challenge that the evil intentionally gives to hinder us who already live in His agenda, to bring us closer to the fulfilment of the destiny God has set for us!

Declare the following: “Whatever God has begun in my life and through my life, will continue! The impact of the kingdom that I carry will never be taken by the enemy. All the enemy’s effort to oppose what God has told me to do, I declare it will fail!  Shattered, destroyed and disappeared! Even through all the challenges of the enemy, the impact of the kingdom through my life will become stronger, and it will grow and multiply! In the name of Jesus, all the spirits of intimindation that have been constantly intimidating my life, I crush it down! I destroy it! Once again I declare, I live victoriously in all things because God, the victorious one, is in me! I live, but no longer I; but Christ lives in me and through my daily live …. Hallelujah!

Ps. Steven Augustinus