June 26, 2020

When a movement leader that God has appointed to equip the people in the church; they should grow to come to THE UNITY OF THE FAITH, OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE SON OF GOD, TO A PERFECT MAN, TO THE MEASURE OF THE STATURE OF THE FULLNESS OF CHRIST (Ephesians 4: 13). That is what God wants.


But, frequently it is not yet reached because the congregations do not see the purpose and not diligently use every principle of the Word to build their conviction, heart attitude, and life style. The root of the problem is on the intention of their heart. The level of thirst and hunger for the truth starts to fade. They tend to prefer speaking about things that are outward, useless, bad, and the wiles of the men. That’s the ‘habit’ that we often assume it trivial. Actually, if we change it with the divine habit (speaking the Word – Psalms 1, Joshua 1: 8; Deuteronomy 6) then we will very quickly grow in our spirituality.  


There is no other way to overcome the world than to come to THE UNITY OF FAITH. Only by ‘OUR FAITH’ we will overcome the world! It is no longer with different faith but by ONE or the same faith! Therefore, this morning I determine to guard my thirsty and hungry heart for God (setting ourselves to actively associate with the work of the Spirit and the Word) and to always declare and speak the Word to ourselves and to our brothers.


This will become so crucial to me and the answer to my spiritual feeling that have always popped up in my heart in the past few weeks – there is an ‘URGENCY’ and the signal of seriousness of God to come to the UNITY OF FAITH. It is like a signal that continues to be emitted from the throne room that must be responded immediately. This is the time we speak the Word and live only in the Word and believe it. It can’t be compromised. It is a command! It is an obligation and a must if we want to overcome the world that is getting more and more wicked and declining. 


I don’t want to waste all the attempts of the movement leader that always diligently imparts the work of the Spirit and the Word every day. Don’t make it useless or even wasteful in our everyday lives. No more! We don’t have much time! All creations eagerly wait for the revelation of the sons of God!


This is our time to live earnestly in the Word only, to believe it, to declare and speak it. So that by ‘OUR FAITH’, we overcome the world and restore all things. Only the Word can unite us not others! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus