June 27, 2018

Reading The Book of Exodus gave me some incredible impressions, especially when God destroyed Egypt with the plagues:

1. Our God is great! He is so mighty and unbeatable!

Not a single nation could exalt itself to challenge God! I believe, if we are together with our Living God, other nations will bow down to worship the God we serve. It’s not something impossible or too great, because we are with an absolutely great and sovereign God. Our background doesn’t matter; when we connect with our great God, He could use us to subdue the nations through the Word He put in our mouth.

2. When we connect with the God who has destroyed Egypt with His might, who must we be afraid of anymore?

Why must we worry about our daily needs, issues of war, and natural disasters? Our God is so great, if He is for us, who can stand against us?! He is God who was able to protect Israel in the Land of Goshen from every turmoil in Egypt. He is the same God who could protect us, His chosen people!

3. God works by decreeing His word and uses Moses and Aaron (people) to forward and decree His word

And His word will surely come to pass – nothing could hold it back! I believe that God will use us, especially our mouths which contain His word, to reign over kings! Yes, God will use us to carry the word and decree from the throne room!

4. God has the power to harden and soften someone’s heart

Even the 9 plagues that have swept through Egypt didn’t make Pharaoh release Israel, because God hardened his heart! When the 10th plague came, God finally softened Pharaoh’s heart for a moment to let Israel go! However, God hardened his heart once more – they pursued Isael and finally died, swallowed by the sea! How scary is it when God hardens someone’s heart.

It’s better to obey and change quickly than to keep hardening our hearts. Regardless of God’s sovereignty to soften and harden someone’s heart, our part is to ask for a meek, teachable and moldable spirit from Him. If we ask for it, God will surely give it to us!

Without a meek, teachable and moldable spirit, it will be very easy for us to defy God and live a life filled with tragic stories. Our hearts should always be softened in His throne room! Therefore, whatever His word is, we could obey it!

5. O God, reveal once again like the days of old, your great and miraculous power! Let the nations realize once more that there is only One Living God: Jesus Christ!

Use us as Your people like You used Moses! Put Your word in our mouth! Make us listen to Your word! So through us, the great and wonderful God could manifest Himself! I believe, through our mouths that declare Your word, something great will happen! Yes, Your word has the power to accomplish anything that becomes Your plan, statutes and will!

6. God never wanted us to live and work in the world’s slavery (The System of Egypt and Babylon) because we won’t be able to worship Him

It turns out that this is a big deal for God! Nowadays, however, people take light of not going to church. Many excuses follow; busyness, projects, etc. Now I realize more and more of how very important and sacred is the moment of worship for God!

7. I believe more and more that God will once again reveal His might, superiority and power in these end times

He will once again overturn this world’s system by the faith of His believers. The problem is, do we still take faith and wait upon God’s miraculous deeds? I take the decision to believe and wait upon Him! I am very confident that God will once again do even greater things! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus