June 3, 2020

Today, Holy Spirit reminds me to stay focused on the work of His Word and Spirit alone, and to believe that everything that happens is still within God’s control. So, there is nothing to worry or to be afraid of, as if the future is so scary and terrifying.

Remember, the focus of the end times is not on terrible situations or circumstances, but it’s about Christ alone. He is our only focus in life. If we focus on the unshakable, our life will become unshakable. But if we focus on everything that can be shaken, of course our lives will be shaken as well.

We must realize that everything that can be shaken are being used by the enemy as a mean of distraction. If we keep playing into the enemy’s hand, we will be ‘snared’ in all kinds of negative thinking, which will finally lead us into inaccurate decision-making.

God reminded me to open again the notes about the word He has spoken to me and also His directions. God said, “just focus on those things, for I am unchanging although this world keeps changing. My plans never fail – it never suffers from any situation or condition. I am God who never breaks My promises. Whatever I have spoken, that’s what will happen.”

God’s Word above truly enabled me to feel the tranquility of God’s heart in the stillness of the throne room. I truly could see God’s composed face – so calm and without any sign of fear. And once again, I heard Him saying, “Be still, My child. The things I have spoken have taken place, and everything is safe in My control. There is not a single situation or condition that could endanger those who sit in the cleft of My presence! Your future is safe and sure within My hands. The enemy could not steal it, for you are My own. Trust me fully, and live in the stillness of My presence and the certainty of My word.”

Starting from today, I am determined to not be distracted from God’s every Word. Everything that happens/shakes is not the main issue for me to think about, moreover to fear of. God’s word is the main focus and issue.

When our mind keeps meditating upon His word, our lives will become testimonies of His mighty strength that overcomes this world. The moment we overcome this world by faith will soon arrive! Because faith comes from hearing by the word, and by that faith, we will overcome the world! #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus