June 4, 2020

I received the word ‘divine appointment’ in my heart several times. When I prayed about it further, God reminded me about the story of how Saul met Samuel before he was finally anointed to become king (1 Samuel 9-10). I was also reminded about David’s story when he was tasked by his father to inquire about his brothers’ whereabouts, only to end up defeating Goliath in the battlefield. All those stories opened up my understanding:


1. ‘Divine appointment’ can happen to anyone, anywhere, and those who experience it will have their life story transformed drastically and dramatically!


Through Saul’s ‘divine appointment’, his life totally changed. He received various confirmations of the prophecy that Samuel gave him. Even God’s Spirit came upon his life to such an extent that he was ‘changed into another man’ (1 Samuel 10:6, 10:10).

Even David never dreamed of facing Goliath in a deadly one-on-one duel. He was simply following his father’s instructions. But from his simple obedience, David’s life story changed drastically – from an unknown shepherd into a national figure who defeated the Goliath who stood for 40 days and 40 nights intimidating the whole army of Israel!


2. Although ‘Divine Appointment’ is ‘purely the work of God’s hand’, but the recipient requires preparation and accuracy in their lives.

Preparation will meet opportunity; and those who prepared themselves will have the benefit out of it. This is the spiritual indication that the Holy Spirit put in my heart. He said, “keep pushing into My presence so you can receive My Spirit’s direction and guidance to maximize your life. Truly, I have prepared a brilliant and hopeful future for you. That’s why I want you to pursue the guidance of My Spirit, so you will enjoy the power of My grace working in your life. I want to plant many potentials and skills that you need to welcome the future I have prepared for you! It’s time for you to prepare yourself to enter a different everyday life in the future. Enjoy the new perspective and skill as you live your days in My grace and favor! I am the One who will set the situation, events, and circumstances in your life. I will also bring you to meet the ones whom I have determined to play important roles in your life in the future.”

Start to pray for divine appointment to take place in your life! Remember, when we pray in tongues, Holy Spirit also prays for us before God to make sure that every situation, event, and circumstances will work together towards the fulfillment of our prayers! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus