June 5, 2018

I met Dr. Jonathan David and enrolled in the Permanent School of the Prophets in 1996. Since then, I invested 6-8 hours a day to listen again to its recording and take note again of every word principles that he taught – I did this until 1998. Only after then did I held various prophetic-apostolic ministry trainings in Indonesia.

Many fellow pastors and God’s servants who followed the trainings start to experience again the touch of the Spirit and revelations of the word that they needed for so long. They received many word revelations about church’s role in transforming cities and nations. Although new hope is in the air, one question remains: “Where’s the church that represents the prophetic-apostolic dimension like the one we’ve been taught?”

When they asked me the question, I was still doing my travel ministry. I could only emphasized that they have the opportunity to realize the word principles they have received. And for the next few years, the same question kept on coming from the pastors who followed my trainings.

Slowly but surely, all those questions disturbed my heart until I had to bring it into prayer. Truly, prayers never change God; prayers change our life!

Through the prayers, my heart is open and ready to listen to God’s direction. Then, I heard God said:

“In your hands are many seeds, but you don’t have land. Open your own land and sow the seeds you have received from Me. After the seeds have grown and bear fruits, let the pastors see and taste them. If they enjoyed it and hoped for their land to bear the same fruits, give them the same seeds to be sown.”

In 2004, Breakthrough City Church (BCC) is established in Gading Serpong, Tangerang. BCC’s main goal is to become a model church in the prophetic-apostolic dimension for other churches.

After the first 9 months since church planting, the people started to experience the ‘open heaven’. Enthusiastic response filled with Spirit dynamics start to manifest in the church services. Slowly but surely, the congregation starts to show aggressiveness in their response towards the word. They start to become rooted to the truth when it comes to God’s word. They start to show a heart attitude of willing to die, to believe God even when it doesn’t make sense, and willing to let go of everything for Him.

1. Many church members dedicated themselves to partake in the various visions I received from God

Some are even willing to leave their jobs only to actively participate in realizing the visions.

2. The congregation has the generosity in their heart to sow and give in BCC’s various projects

They do not give with the hope of being given a certain position in that ministry/project. They give in sincerity because Holy Spirit truly moves them to.

3. Ministers who serve, both on the platform and within the church members, started to give themselves voluntarily and passionately

They don’t expect any offering, and even most of the time, they ‘funded’ the expenses of the ministry with their own money.

4. God planted many dreams in my life to start mobilizing certain people to start influencing and transforming certain domains

Some in the world of education, some in social media, and some in youth and teenagers. Those who are interested in those domains started to show themselves. Not everyone has the necessary skills to work in that area, but that’s where I see the power of grace enabling them to function there to realize God’s agenda.

The local body of Christ in BCC has functioned maximally in responding God’s agenda. This is the maximum functioning level that most churches don’t have. Most churches have 20% active participants, while the remaining 80% are just ‘spectators’. And such is the maximum level of functioning that I received from God as a prophetic-apostolic pattern, which I desire to duplicate to many other local churches. #iLoveGod

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Ps. Steven Agustinus